Louis Daignault (ISN)

May 31, 2013,  Nepean, Ont (ISN) – Halle Pratt is first after the solo prelims and the Calgary Aquabelles lead the team prelims in the 13-15 age group at the 2013 Espoir Nationals synchronized swimming competition.

In the team prelims, the Aquabelles earned 70.826 points for their Super Heroes routine. Montreal Synchro is second at 69.311 and Variety Village Synchro third at 68.371.

“I’m really excited,” said Pratt, also swimming in the Aquabelles team event. ”It was a good swim. In finals, we will need to have be better though. We will need to focus on our routine, especially our last highlight, and not what other teams are doing.”

In the 13-15 solo prelims, Pratt leads at 75.633, Audrey Joly of Dollard Synchro is second at 71.033 and Aerin England of Olympium Synchro in Etobicoke third at 71.717.

“I’m really happy,” said Pratt, who performed to music from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. ”I felt really good and I got a good swim. I was really happy to see that I was leading with three points in the routine score.”

In the 12 and under solo final, Maura McLean of the Variety Village Synchro Club in Toronto was the winner with 65.060 points. Katie Allaire of York Synchro was second in 62.670 and Anouk Galland of Synchro Elite de Quebec was third at 62.444.

”It’s really exciting to get the won,” McLean said. ”I felt I had a chance.”

Earlier in the 12 and under figures, Paige Hopper of the Calgary Aquabelles was the top scorer at 68.101, McLean second at 65.687 and Megan Biss of Durham Synchro third at 63.977.

In the competition for athletes with a disability the winners were Mary Elizabeth Guy (Durham Synchro), Kary Orpin, Ruby Stevens, Nicole Flynn (Variety Village Synchro Club) and Jeanine Enns (Olympium Synchro) who all placed first in their respective categories.

Competition continues Saturday.