Wade, Stuart, Cahill, Emmerson, & Mouner Victorious

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Story by Ken Keating – Photos by Illusion Photography (ISN)

June 2, 2013, Langford BC (ISN) – Western Speedway hosted the Richlock Rentals WilRoc Sprint Car Series, the Island Stock Cars, the Island Dwarf Cars, the SDL Bins I.M.S. 4 Mini Stock Series, and the Steve Copp Construction Hornets Saturday night.

Trophy Dash wins went to Daryn Cahill in the Hornet Series, Miles Maxie in the Dwarf Car Series, Sean Constantine in the Mini Stock Series, Ryan Wade in the Stock Car Series, and Duane Zeinstra in the WilRoc Sprint Cars. Heat race victories were captured by Zeinstra and Brian Bickford in the Sprints, Dave Reside and Brandon Steen in Stocks, Sean Constantine in the Mini Stocks, Mike Schott in the Dwarf Cars, and Daryl Cahill in the Hornet Series.

3 wide racing in the Mini Stock SeriesPhoto by Illusion Photography (ISN)

DSC09071 (2)
Daryn Cahill #02 races with brother Daryl #08 in Hornet Series – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

The Dwarf Car Heat race saw Halina Taylor and Tyler Peters get together bringing out the yellow flag two laps gone and yet another yellow when Dave Emmerson and Mike Meeres got together running hard and spun out with six laps gone. On the final lap Joey Delorme spun around on the front stretch and Ryan Orchard, with nowhere to go, climbed the front tire of the spinning car sending him airborne. He landed on all four tires and kept going to the chequered flag and was able to come back for Main event action. This race saw Mike Schott get the win. The Mini Stock Heat also produced a mishap with Caleb Van Bree and Gord Percival got together and collected Alex Mouner sending him into the turn two wall. He bent up a bit of the front end but was able to compete in the Feature event.

DSC09098 (2)
Brandon Steen #87 races with Ryan Wade #95 in Stock Cars – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Mike Haslam #22 races inside #25 Chris Root – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Guy Barrett (Middle) spins and no contact, no yellow – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Mark Stuart (Inside) on way to Sprint Car Feature win – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN) 

Daryn Cahill and Richard Shuck shared the front row as eleven Hornet cars took the green flag for Feature event racing. Daryn quickly took the lead with Daryl Cahill and Cam Stanfield moving into contention very early. By lap four Tristan Gait took over the third spot and quickly moved in on the Cahill brothers. By lap seven Daryl took the lead and Gait followed him through and took the second spot and then dove to the inside on lap nine and took the lead from Cahill. On lap eleven Gait got stuck behind a back marker and that allowed both Cahills to take the first and second positions again. On lap thirteen, Gait had got back to Daryn and reclaimed the second spot and started to reel in the leader. Laps and time ran out and Daryl claimed the chequered flag followed by Gait, Daryn, Stanfield, and Glenn Rand rounding out the top five positions in a hard racing Hornet Feature event.

Daryl Cahill wins Steve Copp construction sponsored Hornet Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Joey Delorme and Bob Greenaway led twelve cars to the green flag for the Dwarf Car Feature event. Dave Emmerson grabbed the lead on lap three and by lap six Miles Maxie moved into the second spot followed by Mike Meeres. Emmerson began to build a good lead while Maxie, Meeres and Jim Meeres battled for positions behind him. By lap sixteen, Mike took over the second spot dropping Maxie back one position. On lap nineteen, Mike Schott moved up into the top five taking over the fourth spot from Jim Meeres. On lap twenty-three the yellow came out as Miles Maxie went around with Jim Meeres in turn four. On the double file restart, Emmerson had Mike Meeres to his outside as they took the green flag and only a couple laps to decide the winner between two very fast cars. Emmerson got the better jump and went back to the lead and the chequered flag followed by Mike Meeres, Mike Schott, Ryan Orchard, and Tyler Peters rounding out the top five positions. Emmerson said at Victory Square: “I just run as hard as I can and this time it worked out.”

DSC09082 (3)
Dave Emmerson wins Island Dwarf Car Series Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Billy Stidston and Caleb Van Bree shared the front row for the start of the Mini Stock Feature event and these two ran side by side for several laps with Sean Constantine running very close to the front runners and looking for a way through to complete a clean sweep. By lap eight, Alex Mouner moved into contention taking over the third spot behind the front runners and looking for a way through. One lap later he moved into the second spot dropping Van Bree back as Justin Woodske moved up in the fourth spot. On lap ten, Van Bree spun around right in front of Constantine but didn’t bring out the yellow and no contact. By lap eleven Mouner had the lead followed by Stidston and Woodske. By lap fifteen Woodske moved into the second spot and challenging for the lead. When the dust settled, Mouner hung on for the win followed by Woodske Stidston, Constantine, and Van Bree rounding out the top five positions.

Alex Mouner wins SDL Bins, I.M.S. $ Mini Stock Feature event Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Chris McInerny had the pole for the start of the Stock Car Feature event as Brandon Steen had the outside front row for forty laps of racing. On the very first lap Daryl Crocker and Shane Scott got tangled together and brought out the first yellow flag. and both drivers able to continue. On the double file restart, Steen had Dave Reside to his outside as they took the green flag. On lap four Steen had the lead but now had Ryan Wade, running his first race in 2013, on the bumper followed by Reside, Brian Clutchey, and Kevin Knight. Kevin earlier blew a transmission and his crew changed it for a new one and he ran for the fast time of the night. On lap nine Wade took over the lead dropping Steen back to second. Steen and Wade ran side by side for several laps as the youngster wasn’t going to give in easily. On lap eleven, Steen baubled just enough to allow Wade to get the clear lead. On lap seventeen, Clutchey took over the third spot dropping Reside back to fourth. On lap twenty-five, Knight pulled his car into the pits with an apparent problem. Ryan Wade, a five time Stock Car Champion, went on to take the win followed by Steen, Clutchey, Reside, and Shane Scott in the top five.

Ryan Wade wins Island Stock Car Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Brian Bickford and Matt Verhagen shared the front row for thirty-five laps or racing in the Richlock Rentals Sprint Car Feature event. By lap three Lance Wade had the lead followed by Duane Zeinstra, also looking for a clean sweep, and Chris Root. Just a few laps later Guy Barrett done a complete three sixty, coming out of turn four and the field in a tight bunch, kept his foot in it with no contact, got the car straight and never lost a beat much to the delight and amazement to everyone looking on. On lap ten Mark Stuart took the second spot dropping Zeinstra back to third. On lap sixteen, Jeff Bird who had occupied the fifth spot pulled his car into the pits. On lap eighteen, Root took over the third position. Up front Stuart was holding a pretty comfortable lead until the yellow came out on lap thirty-two as Chris Root went around on turn four. On the restart, Stuart got away clean and went on to the win followed by Lance Wade, Zeinstra, Barrett, and Mike Haslam rounding out the top five positions in a race that only lasted a little over twelve minutes.

Mark Stuart wins Richlock Rentals WilRoc non wing Sprint Car Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

The next event at Western Speedway is scheduled for June 8th with the Lordco Auto Parts Demo Cars, Demo Trucks, Figure 8s, and the Bombers. It is also “Princess & Pirates” nights that was rescheduled after the rain out on May 11th so wear your best costumes and join the great racing action.