Highlander​s FC Coach Profile – Dave Dew


James Nielsen, Highlanders Communication

June 5, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – Women’s Head Coach Dave Dew has been involved with the Highlanders since the inception of the organization in 2009. His vast knowledge of soccer and wealth of experience is a result of multiple exposures with coaching at a national and provincial level.

Dew was an Assistant Coach of the Canadian Women’s 1995 World Cup Team as well as the Head Coach for the Women’s National U16 and U17 teams in 2001 and 2002. From 2000 to 2003, Dew was the Head Coach of the Vancouver Whitecaps’ Women’s team. Regionally, Dew has been involved with multiple organizations in the Victoria region and currently has responsibilities as Assistant Coach of the University of Victoria Vikes women’s team. His love of coaching in soccer stems from the opportunity to improve players on the pitch, and the unpredictability of the sport itself once the game begins.

“Whether it’s a kid that’s U-16 or one of the senior players, can you change their patterns, way of thinking, their way of doing things to try and make them better,” says Dew. “Soccer is different than baseball or football where you have so much influence as a coach, because [in those sports] the tangibles are always there and you’re setting the plays and there’s all these stoppages. Soccer is free-flowing and the environment is constantly changing and the decision makers are the 22 players on the field. Your circle of influence [in soccer] is in training, not during the games.”

On a personal level, Dew is focused on providing his players with skills and opportunities according to their specific needs and future goals in soccer.

“For players such as Katie Krautner, who’ve been identified in the National Team Excel program but not a full member of the National Team yet, it’s partly trying to identify her personal needs and the things that she needs to move on to that level. If it’s one of the younger ones at 17 or 18, can we help them change their playing abilities enough to become a starter in university soccer. It might be the 17 or 18 year olds that are trying to get into university. Everyone has their own personal agendas as far as where they want to be.”

For this year’s Co-op Highlanders, Dew sees the team settling in, and is looking to have his team hit their stride at the proper time.

“Aesthetically we’re playing the kind of soccer that I want the team to play, and seeing the individuals move through the period we’ve been in during the last five weeks, already I can see some positive changes. It’s just a matter of keeping that going, we don’t want to be playing our best soccer right now, we want to be playing our best soccer at the end of July, when the playoffs start.”

Dew’s Co-op Highlanders face TSS Academy this Saturday, June 8th at 4:30pm at Royal Athletic Park. The women’s game will be followed by the men’s first team when they face the Washington Crossfire at 7:15pm. For more information please visit www.victoriahighlandersfc.com