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Story by Ken Keating – Photos by Illusion Photography (ISN)

June 9, 2013, Langford, BC (ISN) – Western Speedway hosted a full show with a Boat Race, Fireworks, a parade with the Princesses and Pirates, and a Drifting Exhibition and all completed before 10:00 PM.

Of course there were some races filling out the evening with the Lordco Auto Parts Demo Series with the Demo Cars, Demo Trucks, Figure 8s, and the Bombers sponsored by IslandCarBuyers.com. Popular driver “Smokin” Joe Liberatore was presented with a jacket and Championship Trophy after claiming the title for the 2012 racing season and outlined his plans for the fund raising efforts for “Cops For Cancer”.

“Drifting” in close quarters – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Close Figure 8 action – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Joe is tireless in his efforts to raise funds and has amassed well over $100,000.00 for this cause over the last few years. Capital Drift demonstrated some amazing car control as they “drifted” sideways around and along the front stretch at the Langford oval sometimes bumper to bumper. They can be seen throughout the summer in regular competition at Western Speedway as well as other tracks. Trophy Dash winners included Morgan Giles in the Bomber Series, Kenny Baker in the Demo Trucks, Shawn Hitchings in the Demo Cars, and Kevin Mazur in the Figure * Series. Morgan Giles and Cody Sadler pick up Heat race wins in the Bomber Series as did George Haywood with the Demo Trucks, Joe Liberatore and Jim Young with the Demo Cars, Rhett Szevics and Kevin Mazur with the Figure 8s.

DSC09257 (2)
George Haywood – Winner Demo Truck Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)


Joe Liberatore led seventeen cars and trucks to the green flag in a combined Demo Car and Demo Truck Feature event and shared the front row with Shawn Young. By lap five Bill Gallacher had the lead in his very fast #3 car followed by James Young and Doug Richens. This race had a couple of yellow flags early as a couple of vehicles were disabled and sitting in a vulnerable position. This event saw some pretty good hits and lots of action with that many vehicles on the track. When the dust settled, Gallacher took the win in the Demo Car followed by Cody and James Young while George Haywood was the winner in the Trucks followed by Brandon Young and Sam Lagan. This marked the fifth Feature event in a row George has taken the chequered flag.

Eleven cars took the green flag in the Figure 8 Feature event with James Young on the pole. This race also saw lots of hitting and take outs as they were after twenty laps. By lap seven, Young still had the lead followed by Cody Loughran and and Cam Wilkinson. By lap seventeen Rhett Szevics had taken the lead followed by Kyle Rizok. Over the next few laps several cars were disabled but when the air cleared Szevics came home the winner followed by Rizok and Loughran in the top three positions.

Three wide Bombers with #29 Giles Cyr  on the inside – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Rhett Szevics – Winner Figure 8 Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Thirty-five laps were scheduled for a Bomber Feature event with Daniel David and Morgan Giles on the front row and thirteen cars in the field. Giles got the lead early followed by Phil Lagan and Aaron Cameron with a few more fast cars coming from the back. On lap three Lagan passed for the lead as Cameron and Dennis Stewart moved up to third and fourth respectively. By lap fourteen Giles Cyr moved up to the third position as Lagan stretched his lead out front. One lap later Cyr made the move and into the second position and started to gain on the leader. By lap twenty-two Cyr was very close to the leader and that began a cat and mouse game between himself and Lagan for the lead.

DSC09260 (2)
More Figure 8s – Photos by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Phil Lagan #59 leads Giles Cyr in great Bomber race – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Over the next several laps they ran bumper to bumper and door handle to door handle. Each time Cyr made a bid for the lead, Lagan shut the door. When it looked like a clear shot Cyr got blocked by a lapped car and would have to drop back but stayed on Lagan’s rear bumper to mount another challenge. Cyr charged to the outside and dart to the inside and each time Lagan had an answer or another pick. Over the remaining laps Cyr tried everything to get by Lagan but was unable to do so. Lagan, coming from the Hornet Series, drove to his first the win followed by Giles Cyr, Bobby Cyr, Dennis Stewart, and Aaron Cameron rounding out the top five positions in one of the best Bomber races seen in a long time. All the winners received their Trophys from Kecia and Jessica as they took part in the Princess and Pirate event as well.

DSC09277 (2)
Phil Lagan – Winner of the Bomber Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Princess & Pirates at Western Speedway – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Eight vehicles were hitched to a boat and the fun began as each driver tried to detach a boat from the competitors while trying to save his own boat. Aasen Baker had a boat but his car failed to move from his front starting position but the boat and tail end of his station wagon took a beating as several boats slide into the stalled car. This race saw some pretty good hitting and when the dust settled, George Haywood had the most boat left and won this event. The evening’s program concluded with a great fireworks show much to the delight of the many fans that entered the Speedway.

DSC09284 (2)
George Haywood – Winner of the Boat Race – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

DSC09327 (2)
Fireworks from behind the track – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

The next event, at Western Speedway, is scheduled for June 14th and 15th with the Strawberry Cup for the Richlock Rentals Non Wing Sprint Car Series, the Island Dwarf Cars Series, and the OTRA Series, plus a Winged Sprint Car demonstration event for a full program of open wheel competition.