Comox Valley Hosts BC Road Youth Championship


Story and Photos by Jim Hockley (ISN)

June 10 2013, Courtenay, BC (ISN) – On Saturday and Sunday the Comox Valley became the cycling hub for the BC Road youth Championship finishing with the Criterium, a one km route in downtown Courtenay.

Throughout the world the Criterium, is known as one of the most exciting of all cycle racing events. ranging from 10 to over 28km consisting of almost non stop sprints, many turns and like a chess game on wheels. (who will make the first big break)

DSC 5017 (800x529)
U-19 Boys start off the race – Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

DSC 4888 (533x800)
U-19 Girls Winner, Tessa Pinckston – Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

DSC 5096 (535x800)
U-19 Victory for Jordan Duncan – Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

Many races are won by no more than a few feet ahead of the number 2 finisher.


U-13 Boys Conor Martin 49:15

U-13 Girls, Sarah Van Dam 50:54

U-15 boys Mark Grant of the Host VIPYRS club 1:o6:55

U-15 Girls Jessica Reynolds VIPYRS 1:11:25

U-19 Girls Tessa Pinckston 1:40:o4

U-19 Boys Jordan Duncan (28km) 40:51

4888 U-19 Girls Winner Tessa Pinckston

5017 U19 Boys start.

5096 U 19 Victory for Jordan Duncan