Curl BC elects first Governor at Large Paul Addison

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June 15, 2013, (ISN) – Curl BC’s newest governor is Paul Addison from Victoria.The long-time curler was voted in for a two-year term by the Curl BC membership at the AGM on Sunday, June 9, 2013.

He is Curl BC’s first Governor at Large, meaning that he will sit on the board, but he will not represent a particular region.

Three candidates stood for the position, including 2012-13 board member George Horner from Penticton and Jim Skrenek, a volunteer with the British Columbia Interior Masters Curling Association and the Vernon Curling Club.

Paul is a past president of the Glen Meadows Curling Association, as well as a coach and competitive masters curler.

He said he was delighted to have been selected for the role.

“I start with a very positive attitude,” he said, admitting that he had once been “grumpy” with Curl BC in the past because he felt the organization concentrated too much on the competitive curler. But he now sees that there is a lot on offer for the average curler and local curling centres.

“I have found a lot of the focus is now on how to provide those background skills and knowledge needed to run a successful club. That is what I am interested in,” he said.

Paul added he was looking forward to helping to shape the role of the Governor at Large because the role was so new.

Curl BC would like to thank all the Governor at Large candidates for running in this year’s elections.

The board for the 2013-14 season can be viewed at Many thanks to outgoing board members Liz Goldenberg, Jim Day, Ross Johnson, Mel Lungle and George Horner.

Next year, two more Governors at Large will be selected so the board will eventually have three Governors at Large at all times.