Ken Warren

Story and Photos by Ken Warren (ISN)

June 12, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – Welcome to the sixth article of Ken’s Blog, where historian Ken Warren takes us through some of his childhood memories, sharing with us the lives and times of his sports oriented family growing up in Saskatchewan and Manitoba in the 1900’s and beyond. In this article Ken shares his experiences after joining the Winnipeg Tribune as well as some personal experiences that were totally unexpected.

By the time I was 20, my father could no longer get me passes on the railway and I needed to get to Winnipeg from Vancouver in order to apply for a job with The Winnipeg Tribune. I had many reasons that I wanted to work with the Tribune as a sports reporter. I had delivered the paper for five years. I had read Jack Matheson’s column every day. There was no better Blue Bomber fan than me. I was a good quarterback, a great baseball pitcher, a fair hockey player, and a good skip in curling. In short, I loved all sports, and I also loved writing. Good combinations for a sports writer, eh?