It’s all Downhill for Gagnon

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Story By Michele Sealey – ISN / Photographs by Glenn Ivens – ISN

June 19, 2013 Victoria, BC (ISN) – Ju – Jubes aren’t just for kids – they’re also the secret craving of a particular Olympic Alpine athlete. They may also be the secret – weapon behind the success of Canadian downhill skier Marie-Michèle Gagnon, who finished in the top 10 at 6 World Cup events in the 2012-2013 season.

Marie-Michéle Gagnon-003

With a beaming smile and positive outlook Canadain Downhill Skier Marie-Michéle Gagnon prepares for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. (photo by Glenn ivens – ISN)

If blessed with a time machine, she’d set it to go back to 2007, when she was 18 years old, “and stay there for the rest of my life”. With an eye to staying young, Marie-Michéle agrees with the motto, “18 Forever”.

Marie-Michéle Gagnon-019

Marie-Michéle Gagnon cringes at the thought of singing karaoke, however you may want to watch for her on the dance floor. (photo by Glenn Ivens – ISN

A self proclaimed lousy singer with no musical skills Marie-Michèle says you won’t be catching her at karaoke any time soon! However, you may find her on the dance floor, as she enjoys intense, loud, techno-dub step and likes to freestyle dance. She’ll be easy to spot. “You know the crazy person on the dance floor, doing her own thing? That’s me!” quipped Marie-Michéle.

However she won’t be there til all hours – definitely not a night owl, Marie-Michèle guarantees that in the wee hours of the morning at 3am, we will find her in bed, deep in slumber, dreaming in vivid colour.

Marie-Michéle Gagnon-027

Thinking of past dreams Marie-Michéle reveals that she dreams in vivid colour, hopefully it will be GOLD during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. (photo by Glenn Ivens – ISN)

She hasn’t yet visited our fair city of Victoria, but maybe next time when she visits her favourite place away from home, British Columbia. She says the best summer of her life was spent in Fernie, where she learned her second favourite sport, mountain biking.

This winner of 10 Canadian Skiing titles (across four disciplines) is a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen as well. Her fridge is kept supplied with fruit, veggies, fish and chicken, and oh yes, “Normal milk. I don’t do soy milk”. While she says that she can eat fruit all day, she proves how much she loves them, by going so far as to make her own juices. No wonder she always has fruit bowls around her. This ski racer is an accomplished baker as well – making her own bread, and baking banana bread twice a week! We tried to score a taste-test invite, but since she lives in Quebec, and we were sitting down in Vancouver, we had to settle for imagining the delicious smells.

Marie-Michéle Gagnon-008

Mmm, Mmmm good is how Marie-Michéle Gagnon describes her homemade Banana Bread that she bakes twice a week. (photo by Glenn Ivens – ISN)

With her active lifestyle, she only mows the lawn once a month, so she tends to go for the long grass look at home. We wonder if she crazy-dances in it? Something we’ll be sure to ask her next time.

Marie-Michéle Gagnon-011 Marie-Michéle Gagnon-031

Our short visit with Canadian Olympic Downhill skier Marie-Michéle Gagnon was filled with smiles and laughter, and left us with a sense that this young lady was living life large. (photo by Glenn Ivens – ISN)

Whether on the dance floor, the alpine ski circuit, in the kitchen, or on a mountain bike trail, this emerging star is one to watch – if you can possibly keep up! Speaking of one to watch, she thinks that Rachel McAdams could play her in movie. We’ll be waiting.

A true Quebec girl at heart, when it comes to favourite NHL teams, she said simply, “Nordiques for sure”. We say, Marie-Michèle for sure.