Michelle Szulc is back in Victoria!

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Written by Michelle Szulc – Photos courtesy of Michelle Szulc

June 19, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – Yes, Anthem singer Michelle Szulc will be arriving in Victoria on Friday to perform once again. “Anthem singer Michelle Szulc here, and I am excited to give you yet another update on my sporting adventures!”

At the end of March, I was fortunate to receive an invitation back to the island to sing for the Victoria Royals playoffs! It was definitely a quick visit! I had arrived in Victoria during the early afternoon of March 28th, with only enough time to head to the arena for a quick sound check, and then back to my hotel to get ready. Once I was back at the Bear Mountain Arena before the official start of the game, I was amazed by the atmosphere created by the Royals fans. To my surprise Royals DJ, Tom Grainger, played my band Vendaetta’s first single (Flyin’ High) after their warm-up. This had my adrenaline going and made me that much more excited to sing!

A collection of photos from Michelle’s trip to Victoria on March 28th & 29th, 2013 – Photo courtesy of Michelle Szulc (ISN)

I had a lot of positive feedback about my original music, as well as my singing of O Canada from the fans. Someone even asked me to sign their Royals jersey right next to Mark Donnelly’s signature! A big thank-you once again to Harbour Towers Hotel & Suites for providing my accommodation for the trip, and a warm thank-you to Island Sports News for their continued sponsorship.

Just a few days after my arrival back in Vancouver, I received the most exciting news of my life! I was asked to sing for the Vancouver Canucks game on April 8th against the Phoenix Coyotes. Singing for the Canucks has been a dream of mine for many, many years, and I still cannot believe that I was the anthem singer for that game. I had been working very hard over the last few years, singing at every sporting event I could think of, in order to prepare myself for this opportunity. I am very grateful to the Canucks organization for providing me with this amazing experience. I was on cloud 9 for quite a while after that experience, but I knew eventually, it was back to reality!

Michelle Szulc singing at the Canucks game, April 8th 2013 – Photo by Marek Szulc 

Michelle Szulc on the Jumbotron at the Canucks game, April 8th 2013 Photo by Damon James

Aside from anthem singing, I had also been working alongside another local band to prepare for their upcoming show at the Roxy. Paul Luongo & the Digs put on an amazing performance on April 23rd, and I was one of the feature artists in the show. Thanks to the boys for including me in all the fun!

Michelle Szulc performing with Paul Luongo & the Digs, April 23rd, 2013 – Photo by Derek Stevens

Over the course of May and June, I have been extremely busy singing for the Western Lacrosse Association, doing what ISN sports photographer, Glenn Ivens, named (The Western Lacrosse Association tour). I have sung for the Coquitlam Adanacs, Burnaby Lakers, Langley Thunder, and New Westminster Salmonbellies. I actually became the official singer for the Salmonbellies this season! Furthermore, all of these WLA venues have been playing (Flyin’ High) during game stoppage and during intermissions. I have even had the opportunity to hand out some free copies of the song to lacrosse fans!

I am further excited to be returning to the Vancouver Canadians for my third year! I will be singing for a couple of the games later on in the season. Last year, I brought some terrible weather with me to the games, so I hope that July and August will bring me some sunshine to sing in!

Photo from the Vancouver Canadians, 2012 Season – Photo by Marek Szulc

The most exciting part of this update is that I am coming back to Victoria once again! I will be singing for the Victoria Shamrocks at Bear Mountain Arena on June 21st, as they take on the Coquitlam Adanacs. I will be traveling in style this time – this lucky girl is flying over with the away team! A Big thank you to the Adanacs for providing me with this opportunity. Royals DJ, Tom Grainger, will be a special guest at this event, and he will once again be playing Flyin’ High! I am very excited – see you soon, Victoria!

Cover Designed by Shane Molina

Please make sure to check out my band Vendaetta’s single Flyin’ High if you happened to miss it at the Royals game back in March: www.soundcloud.com/vendaettamusic.  More music to come very soon – the EP is due this summer!