Saturday Night Roller Derby action held at Fuller Lake Arena

Alberni Valley Roller Girls

Story and Photos by Malcolm Chalmers (ISN)

June 19, 2013, (ISN) – Women’s Roller Derby in the Chemainus at the Fuller Lake Arena, Chemainus was the meeting point for Victoria’s Brass Knuckle Derby Dames and the Alberni Valley Roller Girls on Saturday night. It was the Candy Apple Massacre. These are the Senior girls as hard hitting as they are beautiful.

The Alberni Valley Roller Girls triumphed over Victoria’s Brass Knuckle Derby Dames 303 to 272 – Photo by Malcolm Chalmers (ISN)

A very close score with some “questionable calls by the referees” says Victoria’s BKDD’s coach “Diemond R1P”. A number of penalties were given out, at one point only two out of the five Brass Knuckles skaters were left on the track – Photo by Malcolm Chalmers (ISN)

BKDD Blockers “Miss Behaven” #38 and Jammer #47 “Rayk-47″ try to stop AVRG Jammer” Cooch Willis” from passing the pack – Photo by Malcolm Chalmers (ISN)

BKDD’s ” Miss Dior Chance” #13 gets squeezed by Alberni’s blockers #78 “Shawanna Spankin” and #77 “Squeeks” – Photo by Malcolm Chalmers (ISN)

AVRG #1166 “Wife of Wrath” rests her rollers after being checked by Victoria’s blockers – Photo by Malcolm Chalmers (ISN)

A happy Alberni Valley Roller Girls team thanks Victoria’s Brass knuckle Derby Dames after 90 minuets of action – Photo by Malcolm Chalmers (ISN)

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