Teammates forever!

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 Story by Michele Sealey – ISN / Photographs by Glenn Ivens – ISN

June 20,2013 Victoria, BC (ISN)- When asked what Star Wars character he’d want to be, Ski Cross medalist Brady Leman endeared himself to this writer, when he answered, “Anyone that was good with a light sword”. Awesome.

However, instead of taking up light sword training as a child, and heading off to protect the Empire, Brady took up skiing – at the tender age of 18 months!

Brady Leman-013

While Fruits and Veggies are the norm for Brady Leman, he does have a sweet spot for Happy Cola’s candies. (photo by Glenn Ivens – ISN)

He keeps his fridge stocked with lots of fruit and veggies, and a couple of beers. He told us that Happy Colas (available in Europe) are his favourite 5-cent candies.

While he’s all over the map with his musical preferences, he was firm on his favourite dance move. The Running Man sounds most interesting, however he declined to demonstrate it, telling us, “That’s what the beer in the fridge is for.”

If put in a time machine, Brady says he’d go “back (in time) for sure”, likely to the Crazy Canuck days for skiing, when skiing was the coolest, “way gnarlier then.”

Brady Leman-009

Canadian Olympic Ski Cross racer Brady Leman longs for the days of the Crazy Canucks and their gnarly ways. (photo by Glenn Ivens – ISN)

Clearly blessed with a sense of humour, he entertained us with some fun answers to our interview questions. Asleep or eating really bad food…that’s what Brady says we would find him doing at 3am. When asked about his favourite yoga poses, he advised us that it was, “The resting one, at the end – the sleep one”. We’ll raise a Zzzzz toast to that one.

Brady Leman-022

Seems even Olympic athletes aren’t immune to the craving of bad food at closing time. (photo by Glenn Ivens – ISN)

He blames his dog for his dead lawn, but looking on the bright side, he cheerfully told us that it is easier to maintain now.

He also explained the story of the Wombat. Wombat, as he’s affectionately known, is because his teammates thought he looked like a dead wombat they had seen during training in Australia. Check out our photographer’s photos – we don’t see the resemblance, but apparently in the camaraderie found on his team, they do!

Brady Leman-014

A true teammate, Brady Leman chose his fallen friend Nik Zoricic as the person he would most like to have dinner with. (photo by Glenn Ivens – ISN)

Beneath his sense of humour, it seems the loss of his teammate Nik Zoricic in Switzerland is still keenly felt. When asked if he could have dinner with any one person, whom would he choose, he quietly said it would be his teammate who passed away last year. We hope Nik is enjoying watching his team train hard to do him proud. ISN wishes you all the best for Sochi, Brady.