Canada’s Island Sports News, Stryker-Indigo Media and SONAHHR form strategic alliance


June 29, 2013, Stryker-Indigo Media & Island Sports News: NEW YORK, VICTORIA, BC  (ISN) Stryker-Indigo Media Group in New York and Canada’s Island Sports News ( announced today they have formed a strategic alliance.

Under the terms of the agreement all parties will work together in conjunction with Stryker-Indigo’s Boxscore World Sportwire division (, and its partners the Society of North American Hockey Historians and Researchers (SONAHHR) ( as well as its hockey organization, the Society of North American Historians and Researchers (SONAHR) (, for the purpose of competing against major Canadian sports networks and to expand sports reporting across Canada.

The media alliance is designed to reshape the Canadian sporting news landscape. The agreement allows Island Sports writers an opportunity to be featured internationally across Stryker-Indigo’s Boxscore World Sportswire platforms. It also allows Island Sports the opportunity to access the works of Stryker-Indigo/Boxscore writers. At present, sixty-percent of Stryker-Indigo/Boxscore’s writers are Canadian. According to Island Sports News CEO, Scott Harrigan, “What this agreement gives us is access to high quality Canadian sports writers, something that we believe is necessary to expand our Canadian sports reporting and our online national news presence.” The strategic alliance also allows Island Sports advertisers access to an international platform, through Stryker-Indigo/Boxscore, in order to market and sell their products.

isn1In addition, Island Sports News gains immediate access to the Society of North American Hockey Historians and Researchers hockey content archives, a collection featuring hundreds of Canadian-themed historic articles written by SONAHHR historians and journalists.

The partnering agreement between Island Sports News and Stryker-Indigo/Boxscore is yet the latest strategic move by the Stryker-Indigo Media Group in the past 12-months. The agreement is seen as part of a global strategy by the corporation to grow its list of international partners and to create a worldwide network of online sporting news, radio, video, and live streaming outlets designed to compete globally against much larger media companies and sporting platforms. It also allows the company an opportunity to continue to increase its brand and product recognition worldwide and to develop an international web structure of sports sites that can be accessed daily by millions of potential readers, consumers and advertisers.

isn4At the same time, the alliance with Island Sports creates regional and national Canadian outlets for Stryker-Indigo/Boxscore World Sportswire writers and advertisers. As Stryker-Indigo Vice President, Darril Fosty, explains it, “We are assembling a world-wide sports news network to rival the biggest news organizations on the Internet. There are thousands of websites covering individual sports, few cover general sporting news. Boxscore, along with Island Sports, are two that cover general news and have established news structures and networks. We have a clear vision in terms of our marketing strategies and long term goals, with the number of writers and photographers already assembled within the two organizations, the combination is approaching numbers that only the very largest news outlets in the world can exceed.”

This is the second partnership announcement between a Canadian sports media company, SONAHHR/SONAHHR, and Stryker-Indigo/Boxscore. Last September, the groups announced a partnering agreement with Rouge Radio isn3Canada ( Rouge Radio, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta produces a weekly podcast covering the three major leagues of Canadian Football: Professional (CFL), University (CIS), and Junior (CJFL). Rouge also provides coverage of other amateur leagues across Canada through their online show created and produced by volunteers across the country of Canada.

Officials hope to introduce Canadian sports fans to the SONAHHR organizations and to make SONAHHR/SONAHR the leading hockey and sports historical societies in Canada. They also believe Canadians will be surprised at the quality of the writing and the heavy emphasis placed on Canadian history and will therefore be attracted to the organization, its preservation efforts, as well as its messaging.

About Island Sports News

Island Sports News was founded in 2009 in Victoria, British Columbia by Canadian businessman, Scott Harrigan. The company reports on all aspects of Canadian sport with special emphasis on Victoria, Vancouver Island, City of Vancouver, and Western Canada.


The Society of North American Hockey Historians and Researchers was founded on June 1, 2004 in New York City. The purpose of the organization is to foster serious academic study in the areas of field and ice hockey and to preserve North American and International hockey history. The Society of North American Historians and Researchers was formed in 2005 as an extension of SONAHHR. The organization works to promote and preserve all aspects of international sporting history.

isn2About Stryker-Indigo Media

The Stryker-Indigo Media Group is a private multi-media film and publishing company incorporated under the laws of New York State. The company was founded in 1996 by Canadian historians and filmmakers George and Darril Fosty. The corporation is comprised of three divisions: Stryker-Indigo New York (Corporate, Publishing, Stryker-Indigo Filmworks); Stryker-Indigo Hawaii (South Seas – Magazine of the Pacific, Hawaii Heritage Film And Photograph Archives, Stryker-Indigo Hawaii Filmworks), and Boxscore News (Boxscore World Sportswire, On Air Sport, Futbol Heritage Archives Of American Soccer/European Football, and The Black Ice Project).