Loggers Heat Things Up At The Ball Park

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Written by Len Banner – Photos by Scott Leiph (ISN)

June 30, 2013 (ISN) – Loggers go 3-0 today in 100 degree heat . Beating Cal state builders 9-0 in five innings, Rich Haldane with the win.

Blake Hunter came up with a home run . Game two Loggers game up with the win (7-0) in five innings over Maccabi, Scott Lieph with the win . Game three the Loggers win with a come from behind win over Santa Cecilia 8-4 . Scott Lieph with the win in relief of Rich Haldane .

Trailing 3-1 Rich Haldane with a two run homerun followed by Adam Schnarr solo shot put the loggers ahead to stay. After round robin play we grab first place and start single elimination play at ten tomorrow.

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Photos by Scott Lieph (ISN)

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Photos by Scott Lieph (ISN)