National soccer champs, Olympic twins, among 2013 inductees to McGill Sports Hall of Fame

1982 McGILL SOCCER REDMEN: Front Row (L to R): John Kwamya, John Oestreich, Hisham Abdel Rahman, Aldo Braccio, Steve Johnstone, Chris Barrow, John D’Ambrosio, Scott Green.

BACK ROW (L to R): Gord Gow (head coach), Alastair MacDonald, Doug Cave (captain), John Gummersell, Mike Kondro, Tony Iachetta, Dickens St-Vil, Marc Noë and Zack Breganski (asst. coach). ABSENT: Rob Tipney (, Graham Butcher and Guy-Marie Joseph.” />

1982 McGILL SOCCER REDMEN: Front Row (L to R): John Kwamya, John Oestreich, Hisham Abdel Rahman, Aldo Braccio, Steve Johnstone, Chris Barrow, John D’Ambrosio, Scott Green. BACK ROW (L to R): Gord Gow (head coach), Alastair MacDonald, Doug Cave (captain), John Gummersell, Mike Kondro, Tony Iachetta, Dickens St-Vil, Marc Noë and Zack Breganski (asst. coach). ABSENT: Rob Tipney (, Graham Butcher and Guy-Marie Joseph.

MONTREAL – Four national team members, including a pair of Olympians, and the 1982 Redmen soccer championship team headline a new cast of inductees selected for the McGill Sports Hall of Fame, bringing the list of honoured members to 116 since the pantheon opened in 1996.

The twin sister act of Penny and Vicky Vilagos, both originally from Toronto but long-time residents of Pointe Claire and Beaconsfield, Que., respectively, were also chosen in the team category. They each earned commerce degrees from McGill in 1986, then went on to capture Olympic silver medals in the synchronized swimming duet routine at the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona.

Other laureates will go out to a pair of all-Canadian athletes who also competed for Canada on the international stage – highly-decorated distance runner Sarah Ali-Khan (PhD ’06), born in Baie d’Urfé, Que., and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand, along with volleyball standout Wendy Whelan (BSc ’98) of Dollard des Ormeaux, Que.

The 1982 soccer Redmen posted a stellar 15-1-3 overall record en route to capturing both the Quebec league title and the national championship. They will be celebrating the 31st anniversary of their CIAU banner this fall. That squad was guided by head coach Gord Gow, along with assistant coaches Zach Breganski and Rob Tipney.

Their lineup featured four conference all-stars – Mike Kondro, John D’Ambrosio, Guy-Marie Joseph, Dickens St-Vil – the latter three who each earned all-Canadian status. Rounding out the roster was team captain Doug Cave, Alistair MacDonald, John Gummersell, Tony Iachetta, Marc Noë, John Kwamya, John Oestreich, Hisham Abdel-Rehman, Aldo Braccio, Steve Johnstone, Chris Barrow, Scott Green and Graham Butcher.

The induction luncheon, scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 17, 2013, kicks off the University’s Homecoming Week celebrations. Tickets for the event are $65 and can be reserved by contacting the McGill Alumni Association at 514-398-8288.

NOTE: A detailed profile of each new inductee will be featured online every Wednesday for the next four weeks, beginning July 10, at

The selection committee, chaired by Richard Pound, was composed of a group representing students, administrative staff, university officials and alumni. It included Prof. David Covo, Mike Nelson, Dawson Tilley, Sally McDougall, Gael Eakin, Bob Winsor, Colin Adair, Gayle Noble, Robert Watt, Stephen Lloyd, plus students Jonathan Collin and Michelle Daigneault, plus Drew Love (secretary), Kathryn Weaver (recording secretary), Tom Thompson (resource member) and Earl Zukerman (research coordinator).

Submissions for future inductions can be made by obtaining a nomination brochure from Earl Zukerman at A list of previous inductees can be found online at
Honoured members of the McGill Sports Hall of Fame

1938 Redmen football, TEAM
F.  Munroe Bourne, ATHLETE: (track & field, swimming, water polo)
Ethel Mary Cartwright, BUILDER
George Hodgson ATHLETE: (swimming)
Russ McConnell, ATHLETE: (football, hockey)
R. Tait McKenzie, ATHLETE: (gymnastics, football, track, skating, swimming, fencing)
Percival Molson, ATHLETE: (football, hockey)
James Naismith, ATHLETE: (rugby football, soccer and gymnastics)
1945-46 Redmen Hockey, TEAM
Dr. Gladys Bean, BUILDER
Dr. Bobby Bell, BUILDER
Dr. Phil Edwards ATHLETE: (track & field)
Dr. Cyril (Flin) Flanagan ATHLETE: (football, hockey)
Jack Gelineau ATHLETE: (hockey)
Frank Shaughnessy, BUILDER
Dr. Jerry Anderson, ATHLETE (football, swimming, diving, gymnastics, track)
Murray Hayes, ATHLETE (football, hockey, skiing, basketball, golf)
Dr. George Laing, ATHLETE: (football, tennis)
Dr. Willie Lambert, ATHLETE (football, hockey, basketball, volleyball)
Peter Landry, ATHLETE (squash)
George Vernot, ATHLETE: (swimming)
James Worrall, ATHLETE: (track, water polo)
Dr. Don Young, ATHLETE: (football; basketball)
1933-34 Redmen hockey, TEAM
Willard Crocker, ATHLETE: (tennis)
Ken Farmer, ATHLETE: (hockey, tennis)
Dr. David Fleiszer, ATHLETE: (football)
Major D. Stuart Forbes, BUILDER
Dr. Bob MacLellan, ATHLETE: (football, hockey)
Prof. Dorothy Nichol, BUILDER
1960 Redmen football, TEAM
Dr. Charles Drew, ATHLETE: (track & field)
Dr. Lorne (Monty) Montgomery, ATHLETE: (football, hockey, basketball, boxing)
Joan Orser-Roberts, ATHLETE: (synchro swimming)
Michael Soles, ATHLETE: (football)
Ralph St. Germain, ATHLETE: (football, hockey)
Howard Stupp, ATHLETE: (wrestling)
Dr. Jack Wright, ATHLETE: (tennis)
1936-37 Redmen hockey, TEAM
1981 Redmen soccer, TEAM
Nels Crutchfield, ATHLETE: (hockey)
Eniko Kiefer, ATHLETE: (diving)
Ron Perowne, ATHLETE: (football)
Dr. Tom Skypeck, ATHLETE: (football)
Dr. Dickens St-Vil, ATHLETE: (soccer)
Colin Adair, ATHLETE: (squash, track & field)
Hugh Farquharson, ATHLETE: (hockey)
Cameron Grout, ATHLETE: (swimming)
Vaughan McVey, BUILDER: (football)
Jim Miller, ATHLETE: (football)
F. M. Van Wagner, BUILDER: (track, cross-country, basketball)
Laird Watt, ATHLETE: (tennis)
1971-72 Redmen swimming, TEAM
Bob Anderson, ATHLETE: (football)
Bob Murray, ATHLETE: (tennis)
G. B. Maughan, ATHLETE: (boxing)
Reggie Sinclair, ATHLETE: (hockey)
Pauline McCullagh, ATHLETE: (swimming)
Tina Fasone, ATHLETE: (basketball)
1932-33 Redmen Skiing, TEAM
Doug Heron, ATHLETE: (football & hockey)
Dr. Leo Konyk, ATHLETE: (football & hockey)
Frank Patrick, ATHLETE: (hockey & baseball)
Mark Reade, ATHLETE: (hockey)
Hon. Sydney Pierce, O.B.E., ATHLETE: (track & field, football)
Anne Turnbull, ATHLETE: (basketball, archery, sailing, soccer)
1945-46 Redmen Tennis, TEAM
Harry Griffiths, ATHLETE & BUILDER: (swimming & diving, hockey, football)
John Hawes, ATHLETE: (swimming)
Georges Pouliot, ATHLETE: (fencing)
Bill Thompson, ATHLETE: (skiing)
Dr. Linda Thyer, ATHLETE: (track & field, cross-country)
Dr. George Athans, ATHLETE: (swimming & diving, basketball, soccer, rugby)
Dr. Richard Baltzan, ATHLETE: (hockey)
Dr. Ted Behan, ATHLETE: (hockey)
Elaine Fildes, ATHLETE: (tennis)
Gordon Gow, BUILDER: (soccer)
Julia Maughan, ATHLETE: (soccer)
Chris Drysdale, ATHLETE: (soccer)
David Johnson, ATHLETE: (distance runner)
Andrea Nugent, ATHLETE: (swimming)
Peter Reid, ATHLETE: (track, x-country, Nordic ski)
Vicky Tessier, ATHLETE: (basketball)
1987 Redmen Football, TEAM
Charlie Baillie, BUILDER: (football)
Herb English, ATHLETE: (football, hockey)
Tim Iannone, ATHLETE: (hockey)
Walter (Wally) Kowal, ATHLETE: (football, wrestling)
Peter Martin, ATHLETE: (squash)
Gayle Noble, ATHLETE: (soccer)
Thomas Barbeau, ATHLETE: (football)
Pierre Gendron, ATHLETE: (hockey)
Anne Gildenhuys, ATHLETE: (basketball)
Vic Obeck, BUILDER: (football)
Dr. Eric Walter, ATHLETE: (football)
1919 Redmen Football, TEAM 
Brian Decaire, ATHLETE: (soccer)
Tambra Dunn, ATHLETE: (distance runner)
Richard Pound, ATHLETE: (swimming)
Robert Pugh, BUILDER: (football)
Val St. Germain, ATHLETE: (football)
1997 Redmen Soccer, TEAM 
Dr. Ross Hill, BUILDER
Natalie Ioanidis, ATHLETE: (soccer)
Marc Mounicot, ATHLETE: (soccer)
Martin Raymond, ATHLETE/BUILDER: (hockey)
Rocky Robillard, ATHLETE: (football, hockey)
1962 Redmen Football, TEAM 
Aldo Braccio, ATHLETE: (soccer)
Carol Chiang, ATHLETE: (swimming)
Mark Joncas, ATHLETE: (football)
Frank McGill, ATHLETE: (football, hockey, swimming, water polo)

1982 Redmen Soccer, TEAM 
Sarah Ali-Khan, ATHLETE: (cross-country, track & field)
Wendy Whelan, ATHLETE: (volleyball)
Penny & Vicky Vilagos, (synchro swim TEAM)


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