Masters League In Full Swing


Story and Photos by Jim Hockley (ISN)

July 8, 2013, Comox Valley, BC (ISN) Any given summer week end you will find a baseball game in almost any city, town and village in North America.

In Comox Valley the Masters League (35 and well over) were in full swing. Pitchers Peter Moonen of the Giants, (clean shaven) and Tony Super (mustache) square off. The game ended with a 15-5 win for the Yankees on a beautiful summer day.

DSC 5835-002
Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

DSC 5841-001
Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

DSC 5853-001
Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

DSC 5856
Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)