Rink Minx Keep Record Alive

Rinx Minx Roller Girls

Story and photos by Jim Hockley (ISN)

July 8, 2013, Comox Valley (ISN) – Saturday July 6, Comox Valley Sports Centre Roller Derby action Rink Minx in keeping their un beaten streak alive with a 276-246 victory over home town rivals Brick house Betties.

Sweet Sufferin lives up to her name with a less than ”sweet” leg injury as she is being cared for by the ever present St John Ambulance crew then transported to the hospital by ambulance. At last report, there were no broken bones, only a very sore hip and possible torn knee muscles.

DSC 5751 (800x532)
Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

DSC 5777 (800x530)
Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

DSC 5811 (800x532)
Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

Roller Derby is not for the feint of heart as it is non stop action on the short track with lots of hits and spills. As pictured, the girls with stars on the helmet are the only players allowed to score points with team mates setting up offensive and defensive maneuvers as they circle the track.

DSC 5765 (508x768)
Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

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Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

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Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

Next and final game in the Comox Valley will be Rink Minx vs the Belles of the Brawl Sat July 20, at the Comox Valley Sport Centre. Doors open 6:30.