The Kid Who Missed The Bus

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Matt McCoy – Author

July 11, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – Matt McCoy started playing ice hockey at the age of 7 and left home at 15 to pursue a professional hockey career. After playing in the juniors in Canada, he then quit to get his BA.

When the desire for hockey again arose, he donned his skates and played professional hockey overseas for three years. Matt is now retired and happily married with two children, living in British Columbia.

In 1969, Lily and Nolan Doyle put the bombs and bastards of Belfast behind them and fled The Troubles in Northern Ireland to raise their family in the seclusion of small-town British Columbia, Canada. But firstborn son, Daniel, has troubles of his own…

Danny Boy loves hockey but Danny Boy loves women too. And he can’t seem to quit either.

A tale that body-checks its way through Canada, Europe and the US, this is the story of the boy too big for his own skates, the teen with stars in his eyes and the man who discovers he is more than just a defenceman.

The Kid Who Missed The Bus –

“The story of Danny Boy Doyle is an entertaining read as it follows the successes, the failures and the shenanigans of this BC boy who can escape the realities of real life as long as he keeps playing hockey throughout North America and beyond.” ~ Christine Simpson, Reporter, Broadcaster – Sportsnet

“For every father who has a son this is a must read.” ~ Dave Pratt – Anchor, Reporter, Broadcaster

“After reading this book you will never look at hockey in the same way again and you will also gain a eye opening new understanding and appreciation of what it takes for the men who play it for us as pros to get there. Hockey fan or not, you won’t be able to put this book down.”m ~ Bruce “Scoop” Cooper – Hockey Broadcaster, Author & Producer

“I would recommend this book to anyone that likes real life stories and wants some insight into what a kid trying to make it goes through along the way. This book is very cleverly written and a real joy to read.” ~ Corey Spring – Tampa Bay Lightning, Retired

Matt is available for presentations, talks & interviews, both online and in person in the Victoria & Vancouver area. Contact him directly at +1 (778) 840-5741