Vikes Blog: East Coast Champion Explains

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By Brynn Tomie, Vikes Women’s Golf Team

July 12, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – My name is Brynn Tomie and I am a member of the UVic Vikes women’s golf team. I am currently spending the summer with my family on the east coast of Canada in Bedford, Nova Scotia. These past two weeks have been a very exciting, emotional and successful time for my entire family.

Some background information… I am entering my fourth year at UVic which is also my last year competing in the NAIA conference with my team. If you haven’t had a chance to meet the women’s and men’s golf teams here at UVic you are seriously missing out on some amazing people. These girls and guys have become my best friends and family on the west coast over my 3 years here. They are strong, determined, loving people who are always there for me when I need them!

I personally have come a long way with my golf game since I have started here. I have gone from being a team member who plays about half the time to the newly appointed team captain. I cannot express how excited I am to start a new season with these amazing girls. In addition, I also feel privileged to have had Bryan Carbery as a coach. He always seemed to have some faith in my game, even when I made him want to scream and drive off in frustration. He has stood by both teams so well and is very deserving of the coach of the year award which he received this year at Canadian Nationals!

As I said before, these last two weeks in Nova Scotia have been a crazy, exciting and emotional time for me and my family. Today, my brother and I made Nova Scotian history. My brother Bruce and I grew up playing golf together. We are very close and some may say, very alike. I have always enjoyed his company and think the world of him. On top of that I have always admired his golf game. He has so much skill and dedication; he has been a role model for me as much as I have for him. Bruce graduated from high school last month and has been accepted and offered a spot on the golf team at UVic where he will join me for my last two years. That news in itself was exciting for me, him and for my parents who can now be a little more at ease while we live it up together on the other side of the country.

Last week, I participated in the Nova Scotia Women’s Amateur Provincial Championships at the Lakes Golf Course in Cape Breton , NS . Bruce could not be there with me as he was playing in a different tournament but my dad came along for the ride. To start off the excitement I allowed my dad to caddy for me after the first two days ended and I was leading the tournament by 4 strokes. My dad was a rock on that third and final day, keeping me grounded while I got to show him what I was capable of. Living on the other side of the country, my parents don’t get to watch me play tournaments very often. My competitors put up a strong fight but in the end, I came out victorious, receiving my first ever NSGA provincial title, something I have come short of many times and was determined to get! Nova Scotia is a fairly small province and the golf community is even smaller so winning that title did not go unnoticed by many people, especially since I happen to work at a golf course. But this is only the start of it.

Bruce is in his last year as a junior. He played in the NSGA Junior Provincials two days after I won the Amateur. This time, my mother got to be there with him while my father, sister and I were stuck at home. After three days, Bruce, in a field of over 80 golfers, was leading by 3 strokes. Of course being Bruce’s number one fan, I was ecstatic and extremely nervous for him to play the final day. He called me immediately after the third round to tell me everything that happened. That night was sleepless for all of us; a junior provincial title is quite a big deal here. I went to work the next morning and spent hours watching the clock and refreshing the NSGA twitter page until Bruce finally got to the 18th hole with a 2 shot lead and drained his par putt to win the championship!

In two weeks, two Tomies had won a Nova Scotia Provincial Championship, something that apparently has never been done before. There had been two brothers, but never a brother/sister combo! Needless to say, when I found out I screamed and ran around high-fiving anyone I could find. I was more excited about Bruce’s win then my own!

The cherry on top of this amazing day was something that means a whole lot to me; my younger brother earned his spot on the 2013 NS Canada Games team, a spot I once held in 2009. The fact that I could share any and all of this with him means the world to me!

Uvic couldn’t have made a better decision inviting Bruce to their school and athletics department. It has done wonders for me and will most likely do much more for him!

Up next for me is the Canadian Amateur Championship in Beloeil, Quebec where I will have a chance to play with some of the best female golfers in the country!


– Brynn Tomie