MIVA Arbutus Meadows Criterium – Elimination race



Peter McCaffery

July 17, 2013, Arbutis Meadows (ISN) – Only 8 showed on Tuesday night as thunder was forecast after a sweltering hot day. The rain held off however and participants were treated to a cooler, overcast evening. 

The first of twso events was in the popular format of an elimination race (devil take the hindmost as we used to cal it across the pond). There was a sprint every 3 laps and the last rider over the line was removed. Nick Kupiak and Ray Wagner were old hands at this event and stayed up near the front to let the rest of the field get eliminated one by one. Unexpectedly, Ray was removed as and astute Russell Berg managed to get his back wheel over the line just before the Comox fast master.Then it was Nick v. Russell for the final sprint which was won handily by Nick.

The second event, a 30 lap criterium, started as soon as everyone had time to cool down from the “devil”. The two youngsters in the field, Aiden Hare and Mykelti Berg, were instructed to hang on as long as possible and then to slow right down and try to reconnect with the pack as it lapped. Aiden was not in the mood for racing and retired after 20 laps but Mykelti tried hard and showed that her drafting technique was improving rapidly.

The remaining 6 riders stayed in a group, with Mike Gill making a valiant solo break, which he held for a couple of laps before dropping back to the pack, all staying together until the first prime at 10 laps, which was won by Nick Kupiak from Ray Wagner. The duo has put time into the rest of the bunch which soon spread out, with Mike Gill, Bruce Perry and Russ Berg 50 metres back and then Mike Mann and Mykelti Berg bringing up the rear. The race soon spread out quite a bit more with Bruce moving into a solitary third place on the road and Mike G. and Russ staying together some way back. That’s the way it stayed until the second prime at 20 laps, which was again taken by Nick.4 laps from the finish, Ray and Nick finally lapped Mike G. and Russ who managed to outsprint everyone to win the fianl prime before the lead twosome surged ahead  again. The lap board was incorrect ast this time but Ray Wagmner had been counting and let Nick Kupiak sprint with a lap to go, taking the real sprint easily. Bruce came in third, having been the only other rider not lapped. Thanks to a kind Dutch gentleman who worked the lap board tonight.

Results Elimination Race

Name Club Cat

1 Nick Kupiak MIVA M

2 Ray Wagner CVCC M

30 Lap Criterium

1 Ray Wagner CVCC M 38′ 45″

2 Nick Kupiak MIVA M at 5″

3 Bruce Perry MIVA M at 38″

4 Russell Berg MIVA M at 1 lap

5 Mike Gill MIVA M s.t.

6 Mike Mann MIVA M lapped

7 Mykelti Berg MIVA YF lapped

DNF Aiden Hare MIVA YM