Welsh Rugby Union and Regions work to improve sustainability and competitiveness of Rugby in Wales


Welsh Rugby Union

July 18, 2013, Wales (ISN)  – The Welsh Rugby Union and the four Regions have reached full agreement on the establishment of a new Professional Regional Game Board (PRGB) to work together to improve the sustainability and competitiveness of Regional rugby in Wales.

The new body replaces the Management Board as set out in the Participation Agreement.

Full terms of reference for the new body have now been agreed by all the stakeholders and it will begin operating immediately. Agreement on the format and remit of the Professional Regional Game Board were confirmed at

its first meeting in the Millennium Stadium on Thursday July 18.

The High Court Judge, Sir Wyn Williams, was installed as the independent, non-voting chair of the body which consists of five members from the WRU, one from each of the four Regions and one representative from Regional Rugby Wales.

The agreed remit of the Professional Regional Game Board will include:-

• Regional player contracts and recruitment policy

• Academy structures and associated player development

• The marketing of Regional rugby

• Collective Regional Revenue opportunities and resource management

• Regional financial planning and best practice

The first full meeting of the body was attended by the following


Peter Thomas, Chairman Cardiff Blues

Nigel Short, Chairman, Scarlets

Martin Hazell, Chairman, Newport Gwent Dragons

Roger Blyth, Managing Director, Ospreys

Stuart Gallacher, Chief Executive, Regional Rugby Wales

Roger Lewis, Group Chief Executive, WRU

David Pickering, Chairman, WRU

Steve Phillips, Finance Director, WRU

Joe Lydon, Head of Rugby, WRU

Rhodri Lewis, Head of Legal Affairs, WRU

Julie Paterson, Group Head of Compliance, WRU. (PRGB SEC)

The Group Chief Executive of the WRU, Roger Lewis, said: “I am delighted that we have reached agreement on the establishment of the Professional Regional Game Board. Our first meeting was very constructive indeed. I am confident it will be an active and meaningful forum through which positive changes can be achieved.

“Our aim is to ensure we use our combined expertise and knowledge to develop the right systems and structures, adopt best practice and identify synergies of mutual benefit. The creation of the Professional Regional Game.

Board is testimony to our determination to work together in the best interests of the Regional game in Wales.”

The Chief Executive of Regional Rugby Wales, Stuart Gallacher, said:”This is an encouraging step which builds on the discussions that have taken place alongside the work undertaken by PWC last year. All four Regions have made significant progress towards establishing a sustainable business platform over the last two years and hope to be able to build on that work with the support of the WRU.

“Our first meeting was certainly constructive , so we look forward to the Board providing a real and tangible contribution to the goal of sustainable and competitive professional rugby in Wales.”