Five Hole For Food A Success


Written by Kelly Miller-Gerlach (ISN) – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

July 20, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) Victoria Royals’ players Brett Cote, Taylor Crunk, Luke Harrison as well as General Manager Cameron Hope took part in a V.I.P. road hockey game at the Saanich Plaza on Friday.  The game was part of a Five Hole for Food’s stop in Victoria to support the Mustard Seed Foot Bank. 

The Five Hole for Food is an annual event that runs coast-to coast helping to bring communities together, raising donations and awareness for local food banks through the game of road hockey.  It was a beautiful day as members of the community brought donations and were entertained while Marty the Marmot and Terry Trader battled it out. 

aIMG 0056small
A fight between Marty the Marmot and Terry Trader was underway from the very first drop of the ball (a play fight, of course) – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

aIMG 0218small
Chek News’ very own Mike Walker playfully runs circles around Marty the Marmot, keeping him distracted from the ball – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN) 

aIMG 0150small
Marty the Marmot and three Victoria Royals participate in the fun. Brett Cote, Luke Harrison, and Taylor Crunk – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

aIMG 0241small
The Saanich Police got into the action and are having a great time – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

aIMG 0329small
Terry Trader, Royals’ Luke Harrison, Shane Matic, and Craig Vaesen strike a pose – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

aIMG 0263small
Gordy Dodd does a great job for his team – Photo by Kasey Eriksen (ISN)