Komoux Men Play In The Heat


Jake Plante – Photos by Jim Hockley (ISN)

July 24, 2013, (ISN) – The Komoux Men’s Real Baseball League is a masters league for 35 year old players and older and has been going for 22 years now.  The Komoux teams play’s all their games at Highland #3 Tues, Wed, Thurs nights and Triple headers on Sundays starting at 930am. 

 As for placements in the playoff’s, the first place team get’s a buy and then it is determined from there.  It is a recreational ball team, but it is still very competive.  When all said and done, win or loose, everyone plays a great game.

DSC 6085 (800x534)
Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

Thirty or so player have played in the MSBL Master world series in Pheonix Arizona and some in the Roy Hobbs world Series in Fort Meyers Florida.  Players are put into their age category, 35 and over and 45 and over; perhps this is the year to make 60 and over.

For a little entertainment come out and take in a game or two at Highland #3.

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Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

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Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

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Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)

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Photo by Jim Hockley (ISN)