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Louis Daignault (ISN)

July 28, 2013, BARCELONA (ISN) – Stephanie De Lima of Montreal, a professional high diver who performs at Canada’s Wonderland, will be Canada’s sole entry when this spectacular sport makes its debut at the FINA World Championships on Monday.

The men get into action on Monday competing on the 27-metre platform while the women, who dive from 20-metres, are in the spotlight Tuesday. The competition takes place outdoors at the Port of Barcelona where diving towers were installed for the competition.

”It’s a big honour to compete here,” said De Lima, 25, a psychology graduate from the University of Hawaii where she competed on the varsity diving team. ”It’s going to be exciting to be in a competitive setting. It’s a big step for our sport.”

De Lima competed earlier this year at her first high diving competition and placed fourth. While she competed in regular diving throughout her youth she started high diving at age 18 first doing shows at La Ronde in Montreal launching herself from boards as high as 27 metres,

”The adrenaline rush when you dive from that height is what hooks me to the sport,” said De Lima, who coaches trampoline in the winter months. ”There’s certainly a danger to the sport but we are very well trained. It’s something that’s in the back of your mind.”

Because of the pounding to the body high divers only execute five or six dives a day in training. They reach speeds of 90 km in their three-second plunge and always land feet first. De Lima’s list consists of a front triple somersault, a back triple somersault and a three-position dive (pike, straight, tuck).