Weekend Of Mayhem

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Written by Ken Keating – Photos by Illusion Photography (ISN)

July 28, 2013, Langford, BC (ISN) – Western Speedway hosted a two day “Week End Of Mayhem” event that included the Monster Trucks, Tow Monster and Reverse Racer, Colin Heacock “The Crazy Canuck” car jump, and a display by Capitol Drift.

A group of drivers that look as though they are totally out of control but are anything but as they throw their cars completely sideways along straights or through the corners all courtesy of Wayne’s Trucking. The race program had the Lordco Auto Parts Demo Series with the Demo Cars, Demo Trucks, Figure 8s, and the Bombers with Trophy Dashes, Heat races, and Feature events both nights. 

Mike Melin won Friday’s Dash in the Demo Car Series, George Haywood in the Demo Truck Series, Rhett Szevics in Figure 8s, and Bobby Cyr in the Bombers Series. Friday’s Heat race winners included Roger Beck and Cam Wilkinson in Figure 8s, Jim Young and Joe Liberatore in Demo Cars, George Haywood in Demo Trucks, and Brian Wakelin and Aaron Cameron in the Bomber Series. Saturday’s Trophy Dash wins went to Cody Young and Ryan Bunyan in the Demo Cars, Jake Matthews in the Demo Trucks, Doug Richens in the Figure 8s, and Morgan Giles in the Bomber Series. Heat Race wins were captured by Brian Wakelin and Jarrod Heap in the Bombers, Jim Young in the Demo Cars, George Haywood in the Demo Trucks, Shawn and James Young in the Figure 8s.

On Friday, eleven drivers took the green flag for the start of the Mini Figure 8 Feature event led by Jeff Foley and Trevor Cannon. By lap six Roger Beck had the lead followed by Kail Beck and Rhett Szevics. This race produced some hard hits and great racing between Roger and Kail Beck. On the last lap, the younger Beck passed for the lead and took the win followed by Roger Beck and Rhett Szevics rounding out the top three.

Kail Beck Wins Friday’s Figure 8 Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Mike Macow and Ryan Bunyan led fifteen vehicles to the green flag for the start of the combined Demo Truck and Demo Car Feature event. By lap two, Mike Melin had the lead followed by Jim and Cody Young. On lap three the yellow came out as Shawn Hitchings spun around and Brandon Young had nowhere to go and crashed into the front of the spinning Hitchings. It didn’t take long before the yellow came out again as just after the restart, Sam Lagan had his truck on its side along the backstretch and not to be outdone, completely rolled over a couple times in his Heat race Saturday night landing close to Victory Square. This race also produced some heavy hitting and when the dust settled Doug Richens came home with the win followed by Jake Matthews and George Haywood.

DSC01314 (3)
Doug Richens Wins Friday’s Demo Car Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN) 

Thirteen cars took the green flag for thirty laps of racing in the Bomber Series led by Tony Kambo and Daniel David on the front row. Morgan Giles took the early lead as the fast cars were working their way forward from deep in the field. By lap seven Brian Wakelin had moved into the third position and four laps later took the second spot. On lap thirteen, Wakelin took over the lead and even after dropping back as far as fifth after a yellow and double file restart worked back to the lead and would go on for the chequered flag followed by Bobby Cyr, and Troy Tarbuck.

Brian Wakelin Wins Friday’s Bomber Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photograph (ISN)

On Friday even the Monster Trucks and Colin Heacock suffered some problems or near misses. The Tow Monster had a hydraulic hose break to the front steering after just a couple of jumps and had to be towed to the pits. In round two, he made a successful jump but erupted in a large fireball as the transmission gave out. Reverse Racer kept it going getting some good airtime going over the jumps on both ends of the speedway. Four cars were tiered up at the end of a huge school bus plus more cushion cars for Colin Heacock to aim for as he piloted his car toward the ramps that would send him airborne in his brand of car jumps. Her cleared the four tier and landed on the very last car that was in the line for a cushion and then landing hard on its roof. He came very close to clearing everything and landing on the Speedway but emergency crews were on scene quickly when the car stopped and Colin exited the car unhurt.

DSC01315 (2)
Jake Matthews Wins Friday’s Demo Truck Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Day Two:

Fourteen cars took the green flag for twenty laps of racing in the Figure 8 Feature event led by Trevor Cannon and Cam Wilkinson on the front row. Brandon Young led early and surrendered the lead to Doug Richens on lap twelve. As was the case Friday, this race also produced some hard hits and great racing. When the dust settled Kail Beck earned his second Feature event win in a row followed by Rhett Szevics and Brandon Young rounding out the top three positions.

Kail Beck Wins Saturday’s Figure 8 Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN) 

Fourteen vehicles lined up for the start of another combined Demo Car and Demo Truck Feature event led by Spencer Nichols and Ryan Bunyan on the front row. On lap four, Joe Liberatore had the lead followed by Doug Richens and Jim Young. One lap later Richens took the lead followed by Young and Liberatore. Once in the lead Richens stayed clear of trouble and went on for the win followed by Young and Liberatore. This was Richens second Feature event on back to back nights as well.

Doug Richens Wins Saturday’s Demo Car Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Sixteen Bombers lined up to take the green flag for thirty laps of racing led by Tony Kambo and Daniel David on the front row. Before the first lap was complete the yellow came out causing a complete restart and this time had David and Rich Gerhardt on the front row and Brian Wakelin, who had been running in third, went to the back of the field. By lap three, Morgan Giles had the lead followed by Rob Gaudreault and Dennis Stewart. By lap nine Gaudreault grabbed the lead followed by Gerhardt and Stewart. By lap eighteen, Gaudreault still led and now had Stewart and Bobby Cyr behind him. Over the next several laps nothing really changed in the running order but on the very last lap Cyr led the only lap that mattered and that was for the chequered flag as he took the win over Gaudreault, Stewart, Phil Lagan, and Morgan Giles rounding out the top five positions.

DSC01385 (2)
Bobby Cyr Wins Saturday’s Bomber Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN) 

The final event scheduled for this night was the final car jump by Colin Heacock. This time two buses were lined up with cars on both sides and the end as a cushion. Colin gunned the car headed for the ramp but at the last moment had to abort the jump as the car quit coasting all the way to the backstretch, Several mechanics from the pits went out to lend some assistance and they did get the car going but as soon as they let off the accelerator, the car would quit again. It was determined that the problem was in the computer and after several attempts to get it going right, it would quit again so the jump was cancelled and it looks like it might happen at the next event scheduled event for August 10th which is fan appreciation night.

George Haywood Wins Saturday’s Demo Truck Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN) 

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