Stryker-Indigo and Island Sports begin roll-out of new Canadian sports platforms and news content.


Darril Fosty

July 31, 2013, New York City/ Victoria, BC (ISN) – Stryker-Indigo Media & Island Sports NewsStryker-Indigo Media Group and Canadian alliance partner Island Sports News (ISN) said today that they have begun a roll-out of new online Canadian and International sporting platforms and content.

This latest move comes one-month after the two companies announced a partnering and strategic agreement designed to reshape the Canadian sporting news landscape and to compete against major Canadian sports news networks.

According to Island Sports News President Scott Harrigan, “The Canadian sports media market presents an opportunity to experiment with online technologies, including live-stream and information technology delivery networks. We want to develop new sports ventures and opportunities. Canada is the perfect testing ground for us given that most of our two company’s writers and media professionals are Canadian. We are not worried about failure or making mistakes – we see this as an invaluable opportunity to test new ideas, expand our operations, and to see what works and what does not.”

In addition to creating new avenues of innovation and content, Harrigan envisions future opportunities for sports writers and advertising marketers. “Over the next few months, once we establish our revenue structures, we intend to expand our internship and full-time staffing programs as well as develop national and international advertising and marketing platforms. We anticipate adding 30-40 Canadian writers over the next 12-months as well as an equal number of Canadian and American sales representatives.” He adds, “Both ISN and Stryker-Indigo are growing companies. We are also both Canadian-owned companies. There are a large number of quality applicants currently unemployed in the media industry. These people are highly motivated and skilled individuals simply looking for an opportunity and an employer who appreciates their work and shows them the respect they deserve. As we expand our operations, we will be looking to create long-term employment opportunities. We want the best and brightest working with us; people with ideas and the determination to succeed.”

Harrigan’s positive outlook is shared by Stryker-Indigo President, George Fosty, “At present, our Boxscore World Sportswire division ( utilizes less than 3% of the total sports news content we receive in New York on any given day. As a result, we have hundreds of news stories available to us, including a large amount of Canadian sports content. By delivering increased Canadian content via ISN we will be able to expand our Canada platforms, increase our advertising base, as well as increase our regional footprints.” As for cost, Fosty claims the cost is minimal. “We already have the content and online platforms. We are now simply looking to create enhanced revenue structures in order to create employment opportunities and grow the companies.”

In just four-years Canada’s Island Sports News has become a premiere North American online sporting news site. Readership continues to grow and brand loyalty remains high. The company has also developed multiple grassroots sporting structures and has worked to build strong relationships between the company, its reporters, independent sports photographers, and Canadian sporting clubs and leagues.

Since announcing the partnership, both ISN and Stryker-Indigo have been working together to eliminate content overlap and to coordinate their technical support operations.

Darril Fosty, Vice President of Stryker-Indigo, believes technological innovation and a company’s ability to embrace new forms of media are two key elements in determining future Canadian media growth and success. Fosty, prior to co-founding Stryker-Indigo with his brother, worked in the Seattle technology industry in the 1990s and early 2000s performing Infrastructure and Tier 3 Support for companies such as Boeing, Microsoft, and Avanade becoming the first employee and the Network/Infrastructure Manager of the Internet security company Authora. He argues: “Successful media companies must be able to implement change quickly in order to bridge the gaps between individual creativity, corporate marketing and technology. We see a future in Canada where traditional media companies will either be forced to change their corporate and business structures or simply implode under their own outdated business models. We are already seeing these implosions in the publishing and advertising industries. Every day we read about another bankruptcy filing or publisher shutting down operations. We see their failure as our opportunity.”

Building a Global Network

The partnership between ISN and Stryker-Indigo is part of an ongoing effort by Stryker-Indigo to reinvent media through the creation of a global network of online sports and revenue sharing platforms designed to deliver the latest regional and international sporting news. This marriage of platforms, advertising, and marketing strategies allows both ISN and Stryker-Indigo opportunities for increased revenues as well as an the ability to tailor advertising and messaging for clients. Says Darril Fosty, “As a content business, we can now offer our advertisers and media buyers increased access to regional and international markets. Advertisers are no longer confined to a specific area or sporting platform. We can monitor trends globally and strategically and work closely with our clients and partners to ensure product advertising and messaging reaches the right audiences.”

Stryker-Indigo is working to extend its brands to Asia, across the Pacific, as well as into Africa, the British Isles, and throughout the Middle East. In 2011, the company announced plans to expand operations to Hawaii for the purpose of creating a stand-alone operation that would promote Pacific-Rim content. As part of this global vision, plans are in the works for Stryker-Indigo to establish an information office in Shanghai, China as well as develop future global media networks and structures.

In order to accomplish these goals, Stryker-Indigo has invested a great deal of time and capital in researching and studying international media markets and individual countries. Said George Fosty, “We are not looking to create an American nor Canadian corporate global sports structure. Instead, we want individualized global platforms that are region-specific and representative of area cultures and societies. We want to promote goodwill messaging and to learn from and interact within these global communities, cultures and regions. Every geographic region is unique. Every sport has its own language and fan base. Our online media platforms are designed to promote and reflect these unique characteristics. Globalization does not mean a lack of content diversity nor the imposition of a one-size-fits-all business structure or culture. We have plans to be active in all forms of media, including television, books, films and radio. We see the world as limitless in terms of business opportunities. We are not concerned about competition. We dictate our own timelines and visions.”