Brighton Publishing signs Kenny Russ Warren for “NORA and the Golden Dragon”

Ken Warren

Brighton Publishing

August 3, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – Fueled by adventure, romance, and numerous historic truths, author Kenny Russ Warren transplants readers back to 1937 and the Japanese attack on the citizens of Nanking, China.

Brighton Publishing LLC proudly announces the signing of Kenny Russ Warren for his latest work, “NORA and the Golden Dragon.” Revisiting the 1937 assault on the residents of Nanking, China, author Kenny Russ Warren wraps historical characters like, Mao Zedong, Dr. Norman Bethune, American Flying Tiger pilots, and Hideki Tojo, into a shocking story of one of the most impactful events ever recorded in Asian history. NORA and the Golden Dragon is scheduled for eBook release in fall-2013 and will be available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading retailers nationwide. The print version is currently slated for release in early-2014 and will be available through Ingram, the world’s largest book distributor, and On-demand from The Expresso Book Machine®.

Nora and The Golden DragonIt’s 1937, and the city of Nanking, China is about to experience an event so devastating that the affects will be felt for generations to come.

At the hands of Japanese soldiers, men, women, and children are slaughtered by the thousands in the city streets. Those women left alive, are soon sold into the horrifying sex slave market.

For Chinese sisters, Meiling and Elizabeth, it is time for life-altering decisions. After being raped, Meiling flees the city and finds refuge with NORA (Nanking’s Organized Resistance Army), but for Elizabeth, security is found in the arms of the Japanese Commander.

Fueled by rage at Elizabeth’s disloyalty, and the shame she has brought on their family, Meiling plans and executes a solo mission that will take her into the jaws of a hungry lion—the Japanese Commander’s headquarters.

Overwhelmed by grief over the loss of a sister she once held dear, Meiling determines to take her sister’s life……but, at what cost?

“Delving into the heart of a tragic event, and utilizing historical characters familiar to many, author Kenny Russ Warren displays a firm grasp for relating both fear and loyalty,” said Kathie McGuire, director of Brighton Publishing LLC. “NORA and the Golden Dragon takes historical fiction to new and lofty heights.”

Before teaching high school English and History in British Columbia for 27 years, author Kenny Russ Warren was a news reporter for the Winnipeg Tribune, Victoria Daily Colonist, Vancouver Sun, and Ottawa Journal. After retiring, Mr. Warren would spend the next seven years teaching English throughout China, where he would first become inspired to write the story NORA and the Golden Dragon.