The Mountain Man has seen the LIGHT

Ken Warren

Story and Photos by Ken Warren (ISN)

August 3, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – Welcome to the 16 article of Ken’s Blog, where historian Ken Warren takes us through some of his childhood memories, sharing with us the lives and times of his sports oriented family growing up in Saskatchewan and Manitoba in the 1900’s and beyond. In this article Ken takes us to the light with the Mark 5 device and organic farming with the Mountain Man.

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Photo courtesy of Ken Warren (ISN)

There is a man in Metchosin who has lost both his knees to rugby, has mesh sewn across one side of his abdominal cavity to keep vital organs in, and has needed a mesh operation on the other side for over a year and a half now. Furthermore, he can stick fridge magnets to his face because of all the metal screws and plates inside his face attaching his cheek bones to his jawbones where breaks have occurred. Next year he’ll be 40. He’s Kit Warren, owner of Shadow Mountain Farm. Will he ever play rugby again? Damned straight he will, and the reason is because he has seen THE LIGHT !

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Photo courtes of Ken Warren (ISN)

THE LIGHT is a 6-spectrum Mark 5, Grow-Light. It was created by Victoria’s Jeffery Orel Bucove, President of the company ‘LIGHT EMITTING COMPUTERS’. THE LIGHT, with a 15-year lifespan, talks to plants. Here’s how Bucove’s University of Florida scientist and his ten assistants explain the discussions between plants and the Mark 5: “Plants derive information and change from the light’s intensity, its duration, its direction, and its wave lengths. Little emphasis has hitherto been placed on how discrete wave lengths of light may be applied to manipulate post harvest qualities of high value horticultural crops.”

What Kit knows for sure is that his body is mending from the organic foods that he is eating and growing on his farm, and each of the six spectrums of his Mark 5 light will help to assure that he gets the best of his garden growth. Whether the spectrum is the light blue, the intense blue, the green, orange, bright red, or deep ultra violet red – they all assist with veggie growth when there is no sun.

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Photo courtesy of Ken Warren

THIS IS HOW THE FOOD INDUSTRY WILL BE REVOLUTIONIZED. Canadians from Iqaluit to Winnipeg, and coast to coast will be able to have vegetable gardens in winter. You will be able to grow food in Canada’s far north much cheaper than delivering it there. The 150 watt Mark 5 outperforms a 600 watt halogen. And talk about cheap, the light can be run off wind generation, solar panels, or hydro electricity.

“Scientists are just now touching on the realm of the possibilities of the light spectrums that the Mark 5 produces,” Kit said. “There are so many possibilities, like tricking chickens to thinking it’s summer so they produce eggs. It’s like opening the door to millions of new opportunities for scientists, now that they have a device (the Mark 5) that can test all of the possibilities. It gives scientists the opportunity to have documented studies.”

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Photo courtesy of Ken Warren (ISN) 

In a moment of awe-inspiring truth, Kit said: “Do you want to hear something funny? I equate the Mark 5 light as something handed me from Star Wars. It is like my own personal light-sabre with which I can defeat Monsanto and the rest of the evil food demons.”