Brighton Publishing releases eBook version of, “NORA and The Golden Dragon” by Kenny Russ Warren

Ken Warren

Brighton Publishing

August 9, 2013 (ISN) – Author Kenny Russ Warren fuels the fires of intrigue with a broiling plot and historically significant characters in the eBook release of “NORA and The Golden Dragon

CHANDLER (AZ)—Brighton Publishing LLC proudly announces the eBook release of Kenny Russ Warren’s latest work, “NORA and The Golden Dragon.” It’s 1937, and the citizens of Nanking, China are about to experience a Japanese occupation that will wreak havoc on the city’s populace, and define the incredible destinies of two sisters. NORA and The Golden Dragon is currently available in all popular eBook formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine retailers with the print release scheduled for late-2013, to be distributed by Ingram, the world’s largest book wholesaler and Ondemand from the Espresso Book Machine.

Nora and The Golden DragonFor the residents of Nanking, China, nothing will ever be the same.

After the capital city is attacked, and the occupying Japanese force is thoroughly entrenched, the brutality begins.

Those not slaughtered by the soldier’s bayonets are repressed by the cruel tactics of their new rulers. Over forty-thousand older women and young children are either raped, brutally beaten, or killed in Nanking’s city streets. Those who aren’t killed are soon sold into slavery.

Terror is in the air, and no one is safe.

Yet, for sisters Meiling and Elizabeth, the invasion would catapult them into their own unique and dangerous destinies.

After being brutally raped, Meiling escapes the city and joins NORA (Nanking’s Organized Resistance Army), while her older sister, Elizabeth, becomes the willing concubine of the Japanese Commander.

Feeling betrayed, Meiling now seeks to take her older sister’s life. Soon, she slips into the Commander’s headquarters to execute the unsuspecting Elizabeth.

Meiling must now face her final mission alone…death by firing squad.

“Amidst high adventure and tragic loss, author Kenny Russ Warren presents a tale born from the shadows and sorrow of historical events, and the pain of China’s own devastating holocaust,” said Kathie McGuire, director of Brighton Publishing LLC. “Nora and the Golden Dragon offers a revealing look into a period of time and horrific events unfamiliar to many westerners—an eyeopening read.”

Before teaching high school English and History in British Columbia for 27 years, author Kenny Russ Warren was a news reporter for the Winnipeg Tribune, Victoria Daily Colonist, Vancouver Sun, and Ottawa Journal. After retiring, Mr. Warren would spend the next seven years teaching English throughout China, where he would first become inspired to write the story NORA and the Golden Dragon.