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Written by Ken Keating – Photos by Illusion Photography (ISN)

August 11, 2013, Langford BC (ISN) – Western Speedway hosted Fan Appreciation Night Saturday with the SDL Bins I.M.S. 4 Mini Stocks, OTRA, Island Stock Cars, Richlock Rentals Non Wing Sprint Cars, and the Steve Copp Construction sponsored Hornets running on the big oval.

Several Winged Sprint Cars also put on two demonstration events to showcase the upcoming Daffodil Cup on the 16th & 17th of this month. Darren Yates has worked long and hard and debuted his brand new winged Sprint and on this night looked very impressive and he did win one of the events while Matt Mansell won the other Heat. The very talented Jenny Rhodes opened the evening by singing Oh Canada and making way for Trophy Dashes, Heat races, and Feature events for all classes. Trophy Dash wins went to Daryl Cahill in the Hornet Series, Caleb VanBree in the Mini Stocks, Tom Cinnamon with OTRA, Kevin Knight in the Stock Car Series, and Jeff Bird in the Non Wing Sprint Cars. Heat races were won by Cory Meeres and Daryl Cahill in the Hornet Series, Sean Constantine with the Mini Stocks, Kail Beck with OTRA, Brian Clutchey and Kerry Steen with the Stock Cars, and Mark Stuart and Dave Emmerson in the Non Wing Sprint Cars.

Daryl Cahill Wins Hornet Feature eventPhoto by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Sam Lagan and Brenda Leslie led eleven cars to the green flag for the start of the Hornet Feature event and twenty laps. Cam Stanfield led early followed by Brad Aumen and Daryn Cahill. By lap four Aumen took the lead followed by Daryl Cahill and Phil Lagan. By lap eight Cahill grabbed the lead dropping Aumen back to second. On lap nine the yellow came out as Daryn Cahill spun and collected Lagan sending Cahill into the wall and finished his night. The race then went caution free with Daryl Cahill completing a clean sweep followed by Phil Lagan, Brad Aumen and Cam Stanfield rounding out the top four positions.

Alex Mouner Wins Mini Stock Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN) 

Ten cars took the green flag for the SDL Bins Mini Stock Series led by James Miller Sr. and Giles Parenteau on the front row. By lap two Billy Stidston had the lead followed by Matt Szauer and Alex Mouner. By lap four, Mouner grabbed the lead and began to cruise out front as Justin Woodske moved up by lap nine and began to chase down the leader. At times the battle behind them got a little rough for a couple drivers banging and trading a bit of paint. On lap nineteen Sean Constantine entered the pits after moving through the pack and running in the top four. Woodske managed to draw close to Mouner but was unable to get close enough to take the lead. Mouner went on for the victory followed by Woodske, Szauer, and Caleb Van Bree rounding out the top four positions.

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Duane Zeinstra Wins OTRA Feature event – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN) 

Roger and Kail Beck led eight cars to the green flag for twenty-five laps of racing in the OTRA Series. Roger led the first four laps followed by Denis Morneau and Kail. By lap six, Morneau passed for the lead with Tom Cinnamon taking the second spot. By lap ten Morneau still led Cinnamon with Steven Dardengo taking the third spot. By lap seventeen, Duane Zeinstra moved up to the third position and began to challenge the two front runners. This battled carried on for several laps but on lap twenty-three Zeinstra grabbed the lead and went on to win this Feature event followed by Denis Mornea, Larry Joyce, and Dardengo holding the top four positions.

Daryl Crocker Wins Jerry Ferrie Memorial Cup – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Doug Richens, driving for Dave Reside, and Mark Lockhart led twelve cars to the green flag for thirty-five laps of racing in the Island Stock Car Series and the Jerry Ferrie Memorial Cup. Richens took the lead early followed by Kerry Steen, driving for Brandon Steen, and Lockhart. On lap four Brian Clutchey grabbed the lead followed by Steen and Brendan Moore. By lap seven Moore grabbed the second spot while Steen held on to third. Meanwhile behind the Daryl Crocker, fresh off a win in Penticton, began to move forward taking the fourth spot. On lap fourteen, Moore passed Clutchey for the lead while Crocker took the third spot and two laps later passed for second. On lap twenty-one Crocker moved inside and went by Moore for the lead. On lap twenty-five Kerry Steen had the front steering break and entered the pits under a hail of sparks. On the very last turn heading for the chequered flag, Clutchey spun his car around as Crocker drove under the flag for the win followed by Moore, Rhett Smith and Shane Scott rounding out the top five. Members of the Ferrie family were at Victory Square to present Crocker with the Jerry Ferrie Memorial Cup.

Mike Haslam Wins Billy Foster Memorial Trophy – Photo by Illusion Photography (ISN)

Deter Lajeune and Dave Emmerson led fourteen cars to the green flag for thirty laps of racing for the Billy Foster Memorial Trophy in the Non Wing Sprint Car series. Emmerson got off to the lead early followed by Lejuene and Duane Zeinstra. By lap four Zeinstra moved into the second spot behind Emmerson. By lap eleven Mark Stuart took the third spot with Mike Haslam moving into fourth and two laps later taking over third. It only took Haslam another couple laps to jump to the lead followed by Emmerson and Stuart. On lap seventeen the yellow came out as Lance Wade spun around after running in the fourth position. This would put Stuart right on the rear bumper of Haslam for the restart. Haslam got a good jump and went back to the lead still hounded by Stuart until the yellow came out again on lap twenty as Shane Woolcock came to a stop in turn one. Again, on the restart, Haslam got away clean with Stuart still riding on his bumper and again the yellow came out as Tony Johnson spun around on the front stretch. Again Haslam got away first and went back to the lead followed by Stuart and Zeinstra. Haslam drove on to