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By Ali Lee, Vikes Communications

August 20, 2013, Victoria (ISN) – UVic’s student-athletes have strong connections with the Vikes name. While many are connected via their alumni ties, former women’s soccer player Tricia Hinrichsen has seen the Vikes name come full circle through two generations in her family.

With the vision of CARSA becoming a reality, the centre’s full potential is starting to become realized–with CARSA soon to be one hub for community members and Vikes past and present to optimize the offerings of UVic’s athletics and recreation programs and share that with their families over generations.

Hinrichsen was born in Courtenay, B.C., and can recollect attending Vikes summer camps at the age of 13 and again at the age of 17. At the time, Hinrichsen would spend a week boarding at the Ring Road campus to attend the Vikes soccer camp. Current Vikes men’s soccer head coach Bruce Wilson was running the camp when Hinrichsen attended, sparking some good memories when the mother of two dropped her oldest, Justin, off at the very same campus for Vikes summer soccer camp this year.

“I was excited to put Justin in Vikes camp because I know the people at the camp and it’s what I did when I was his age,” described Hinrichsen. “We want to expose him to everything. We will also put him in the Vikes basketball camp and give him the best of both and let him decided what sports he likes later on.”

Hinrichsen, born Tricia Fieldhouse, competed for the Vikes soccer team from 1994-98 under head coach Ian Bridge. Now a teacher at Willows Elementary, Hinrichsen recollects the many memories she had playing for the Vikes.

“You meet a core group of people because we trained six days a week, sometimes seven, for a few years,” remembers Hinrichsen. “This was all in the days before Facebook and cell phones and you had to work hard at keeping together. I still have a small group of people from those years that I still play soccer with now.”

During her time at UVic, Tricia met her future partner and father of two, Eric Hinrichsen, a Vikes men’s basketball player inducted into the UVic Sport Hall of Fame in 2011. Eric Hinrichsen led the Vikes to their eighth national title, was named CIAU outstanding player twice and represented Canada at the 2000 Olympic Games and 1997 World University Games.

“Eric’s picture is on the UVic Hall of Fame wall in McKinnon Gym and after summer camp I took Justin in and he wanted to take a photo beside it,” remarked Hinrichsen. “This whole experience is special for both Eric and I because we have a connection at UVic and we have so many memories there.”

Current Vikes women’s soccer and Vikes camp head coach Tracy David was also a familiar face for the Hinrichsen family as David was head coach of Alberta at the time when Tricia competed for the Vikes.

“I just know that anyone that goes to UVic and plays under Tracy David is lucky,” complimented Tricia Hinrichsen. “When I was a Vike, Tracy coached Alberta so we were actually rivals but I remember playing against them and they were a well-coached team. It’s just a small world that now she is also helping run the summer camps that Justin is in.”

This pass summer, Hinrichsen, David and Wilson enjoyed discussing how the Vikes name has come full circle throughout the Hinrichsen family name.

“It’s very exciting to see a facility like CARSA being built that can support all the many programs that the Vikes offer,” added Tricia Hinrichsen. “I’ve had so many memories with the Vikes and now many others will be able to have the same experience under one roof. Justin is six and he is already excited to see his dad’s picture on the proud. He would feel proud to see his dad’s face along side several other Hall of Fame inductees in the new building.”

For more information on CARSA, please visit uvic.ca/carsa