Rookie Camp Concludes, Main Camp Scrimmages On Sunday


Tim O’Donovan

August 25, 2013 (ISN) – After two days of rookie camp, the Blazers have combined the rookies and veterans for main camp scrimmages that begin on Suday. 57 players have been divided into three teams for the next two days.

Three scrimmages from 9:00am – 1:00pm will go tomorrow and on Monday before the Blazers will cut down numbers to make two teams for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Today, there were four rookie scrimmages starting at 9:00am and ending at 9:00pm. In the first scrimmage of the day, Team Sydor and Team Recchi skated to a 2-2 tie in the first half. Quinn Benjafield (1st round, 2013) scored both goals for Team Sydor and Merritt Oszytko (Free Agent) and Garrett Pilon (7th round, 2013) tallied for Team Recchi.

In the second half, Team Recchi skated to a 3-0 victory. Oszytko scored twice while Jermaine Loewen (3rd round, 2013) scored once and Deven Sideroff (List player) picked up two assists. Tristen Brown (Free Agent) didn’t allow a goal for Team Recchi.

Team Doan downed Team Iginla 3-1 in the first half of the second scrimmage of the day. Team Doan had three different goal scorers including Liam Murphy (Free Agent), Josh Beaudry (Free Agent) and Jake Kryski (Acquired via PA). Dexter Robinson (Free Agent) had the lone goal for Team Iginla.

Spencer Bast (List player) scored the only goal of the second half to help Team Iginla win 1-0 over Team Doan. Connor Ingram (Free Agent) did not allow a goal for the second straight game for Team Iginla.

In the 5:30pm scrimmage, Team Doan walked away with a 1-1 tie in the first half and a 2-0 win in the second half over Team Recchi. Jake Kryski (Acquired via PA) scored the goal for Team Doan in the tie and Spencer McLean (Free Agent) had Team Recchi’s goal on a penalty shot.

In the second half, Team Doan got goals from Laramie Kostelansky (10th round, 2012) and Jesse Zaharichuk (List player) as Jake Kryski (Acquired via PA) picked up two assists in the 2-0 victory. Brock Lefebvre (Free Agent) shut the door for Team Doan.

In the final scrimmage of the evening, Team Sydor went on to win 3-2 in the first half and tie Team Iginla 1-1 in the second half.

Quinn Benjafield (1st round, 2013) had a goal and an assist in the first half of the game for Team Sydor, while Nick Chyzowski (2nd round, 2012) had a goal and an assist for Team Iginla.

In the second half, Chyzowski scored the lone goal for Team Iginla with a laser of a shot that took out the water bottle on top of the net. Adam Tisdale (Free Agent) replied for Team Sydor on a penalty shot.

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Injuries: Jordan Thomson (Lower body – day-to-day)

Game Summaries

SCRIMMAGE #3 at 9:00 AM

Period 1

Team Sydor 2, Team Recchi 2

1. Team Sydor – Quinn Benjafield (Joshua Wiens, Kyle Dion)

2. Team Sydor – Quinn Benjafield (Unassisted)

3. Team Recchi – Merritt Oszytko (Unassisted)

4. Team Recchi – Garrett Pilon (Penalty Shot)

Period 2

Team Sydor 0, Team Recchi 3

1. Team Recchi – Jermaine Loewen (Deven Sideroff)

2. Team Recchi – Merritt Oszytko (Deven Sideroff)

3. Team Recchi – Merritt Oszytko (Garrett Pilon)

Winning Goaltender – Tristen Brown

SCRIMMAGE #4 at 12:00 PM

Period 1

Team Doan 3, Team Iginla 1

1. Team Doan – Liam Murphy (Ryan Grant)

2. Team Doan – Josh Beaudry (Kyle Johnson)

3. Team Doan – Jake Kryski (Cam Reagan, Jesse Zaharichuk)

4. Team Iginla – Dexter Robinson (Cam Trott)

Winning Goaltender – Brock Lefebvre

Period 2

Team Doan 0, Team Iginla 1

1. Team Iginla – Spencer Bast (Logan Wullum)

Winning Goaltender –Connor Ingram

SCRIMMAGE #5 at 5:30 PM

Period 1

Team Doan 1, Team Recchi 1

1. Team Doan – Jake Kryski (Kyle Johnson, Jesse Zaharichuk)

2. Team Recchi – Spencer McLean (Penalty shot)

Period 2

Team Doan 2, Team Recchi 0

1. Team Doan – Laramie Kostelansky (Jake Kryski)

2. Team Doan – Jesse Zaharichuk (Jake Kryski)

Winning Goaltender –Brock Lefebvre

SCRIMMAGE #6 at 7:30 PM

Period 1

Team Iginla 2, Team Sydor 3

1. Team Sydor – Adam Tisdale (Tyler Jeanson)

2. Team Sydor – Quinn Benjafield (Unassisted)

3. Team Iginla – Nick Chyzowski (Kyle Bell)

4. Team Sydor – Josh Stang (Quinn Benjafield)

5. Team Iginla – Jordan Deyrmenjian (Nick Chyzowski)

Winning Goaltender – Wesley Ellingsen

Period 2

Team Iginla 1, Team Sydor 1

1. Team Iginla – Nick Chyzowski (Unassisted)

2. Team Sydor – Adam Tisdale (Penalty Shot)

Tomorrow’s Schedule

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Main Camp

9:00am – 10:00am – Game – Orange vs. Black

10:30am – 11:30am – Game – Orange vs. White

12:00pm – 1:00pm – Game – Black vs. White