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Story and Photos by Ken Warren (ISN)

August 27, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – Welcome to the 20 article of Ken’s Blog, where historian Ken Warren takes us through some of his childhood memories, sharing with us the lives and times of his sports oriented family growing up in Saskatchewan and Manitoba in the 1900’s and beyond. In this article Ken takes us down memory lane, reminding us to take note of our children’s success in sport.

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Kit Warren, Keeley Warren and Pat Warren – Photo coutesy of Ken Warren (ISN)




Baseball: (1) The day he saw his own first curve ball at Glen Lake. His excited eyes expressed the thrilling moment.

(2) his pitching with Duncan Cougars, age 9, Legion 91,10, Columbia Redi-Mix, 11, and joining winless Gorge Yellowjackets and beating Colin Foley’s #1 team in the playoffs. That was your best pitching in Majors Little League, Commish.

(3) Best hitting: Your 2 1/2 homeruns in the game against your old Victoria Babe Ruth team at Luxton Park. That third one would have gone over had it not been stopped by the best catch we’d seen all year.

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Kit with Mike Tyson – Photo courtesy of Ken Warren (ISN)

Boxing : (1) Your second-place finish at your first ‘Toughman’ competition, while you still had a cast on from your knee operation.

(2) Winning the Toughman welter weight div. at Memorial Arena with a great knockout in the finale.

(3) Winning the Toughman heavyweight div. at the Curling Club.

(4) Not going to the authorities after Shane Wilson’s cornerman told you that Shane had roles of loonies in each of his hands under his gloves.

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Kit with his Rugy Team – Photo courtesy of Ken Warren (ISN)

RUGBY (1) All the coaching you did at Sir James Douglas, Central, and Vic High; for all the boys and girls.

(2) The sevens tournament you hosted so professionally at Velox.

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Kit Warren in Action on the Field – Photo courtes of Ken Warren (ISN)

(3) Your love of the game; the many times you represented Canada in both rugby league and rugby union championships in England, Wales, Florida, and the Carribean.

(4) Your MVP award with Castaway-Wanderers, and you dedication to hard-hitting.

CANADIAN FOOTBALL: Had I known of your ferocity and love for tackling, your playing days with Payless Juniors would have been on defense, not wide receiver.

FARMFIT EXERCISES: Your wood-chopping, mountain-running, in fact, all of your Farm-fit exercises are geared to keep you in the kind of healthy state that allows you to continue to compete. And that’s good.

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Kit keeping fit on the farm – Photo courtesy of Ken Warren (ISN)


BASEBALL: This is where you really made your mark, and it just keeps rolling along.

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Victoria Championship – Photo courtesy of Ken Warren (ISN)

(1) Obviously 22-0 as a Little League pitcher is Number One.

(2) Your three put-outs in the final inning gave us the city championship.

(3) The second base switch throughout the championship season by you and Kiet put us in the City Playoffs.

(4) Playing with Marty Nash and the Gordon Head Babe Ruths and beating Francis with your hits was a highlight. Way to go, teaching Francis for picking you to play with the short staffed Gordon Head. Francis at least had the smarts to say you weren’t allowed to pitch for Gordon Head.

(5) I’m especially proud of how you’re able to organize all of the slo-pitch equipment, games, fund-raisers and do such a good job.

(6) And how about how well you’ve played for several years in some really hot spots like second base in slo-pitch?

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Keeley with his team – Photo courtesy of Ken Warren (ISN)

(7) In addition, you’re up there playing senior men’s over 30 baseball. That’s a good league you’re in, Keeley, and to be the best hitter on your team is awesome.

What I like best about your sports is that you’re a student of all the games. Your interest and knowledge is great. And you’ve tried them all. I know Uncle Bob loved your dedication to basketball on his school team; I know I enjoyed coaching and watching your other team at the ‘Y’.

IMG 2134 (800x600)
Keeley making contact – Photo courtesy of Ken Warren (ISN)

CANADIAN FOOTBALL AND RUGBY: I enjoyed watching your high school line play as an offensive tackle, and though I never saw your high school rugby, the fact that your team won the provincials suggests you must have thrown your weight around there.

SOCCER: (1) All of your goals when you were playing on Jay and Tommy’s team were highlights.

(2) The two goals you scored on the television program at Juan de Fuca Arena were another pair of highlights.

(3) Maybe best of all was your successful tryout to get onto Kit’s team which was two years older than your official team age. You did well on his team.

You can keep up your floor hockey too, but get ready to drop your involvement and start coaching Marcus and Jack in a few years. You’re going to love it!


SOCCER: The goal that you got from just inside the half line against Sooke. You noticed the goalie was too far out of his net, so you sent a huge, long shot at the net and the surprised goalie couldn’t back up fast enough. I know that’s your favourite goal, and one of mine. But I have far too many favourites to pick just one.

IMG 2102 (800x600)
Pat receiving sound advice at the Guangzhou Foreign Games – Photo courtesy of Ken Warren (ISN)

My favourites might be the two you scored against Cameroon in the Guangzhou Foreign Games. Twenty-six foreign teams there from all over the world and our foreign teachers + 16-year-old Pat manage to get to the gold medal game after beating five other teams. Cameroon’s all-black team got there winning 5 games and having had only a total one goal scored against them. Yes, this Cameroon team with two players headed to England to play professionally won the gold beating us 4-2, but it was Pat who scored both of our goals. At the awards ceremony banquet, the Cameroon team invited Pat to sit at their table for dinner. He had scored more goals against them than the other five teams collectively.

U21 Bays United Gunners 2007-08 (800x520)
Bays United Gunners – Photo courtesy of Ken Warren (ISN)

My two favourite assists were in the Victoria Elementary Schools Championship. You had started the season playing with Sir James Douglas, the largest elementary school on Vancouver Island. Then you moved to South Park, the smallest elementary school in Victoria. How surprising that those two schools would end up playing for the Victoria School District Championship, hosted by Sir James Douglas. Your little South Park won 2-0 on goals by your friend Robbie from perfect set-up passes by you. How much fun was that?

I’ve seen so many great goals by you, but this next highlight is again your superb passing. I’m talking about the super long passes to the French kid in China. He went on to score on most of them, but the long passes were things of beauty.

I have especially enjoyed your soccer games against friends of ours or cousins. When playing against Sooke, both Linda Cossentine and your Mom’s friend Mary had sons out there, so I sat beside them and we had a competition of our own going. Then there was Ruth and Jonathan. They were all fun.

Your dodge ball too was fun to watch, and an opportunity to see your skill there.

Enjoyed your stories of the ‘tag’ games you played around the city, and especially enjoyed watching your rugby games at all three schools that you played for.

Now it’s jiu-jitsu from faraway in Medicine Hat. The only time I’m involved there is when you show me how easy it would be to break my arm. But I can tell from your enthusiasm and stories that you’re learning it well. (UPDATE) Your seven months of jiu-jitsu training in Brazil must put you in a much more advanced stage than your Alberta training.


Chris is a jack of all sports and a master of none. He can and will perform in any sport. At Operation Trackshoes he participated in 13 events as a 17-year-old junior. He was only one of 324 juniors in the two-day affair at Centennial Stadium, but he was selected top competitor amongst the juniors, and while everybody had many ribbons, Chris got the only medal given out to juniors at the end of competition.

Summer 2010 273 (800x600)
Chris sporting his ribbons at Operation Track Shoes – Photo courtesy of Ken Warren (ISN)

Chris will press us to play golf, badminton, baseball, soccer, swim, throw the football in the pool, throw hoops in basketball, wrestle, anything related to sports.

Consider this when you learn that we were told Chris would never walk and would only be able to sit up when he reached five years old. We were told he would likely die before he reached nine years old. Chris is now 22.

“Nora and the Golden Dragon”

Novel Written by: Kenny Russ Warren – Featured on YouTube