Ken Warren

By Kenny Russ Warren

September 7, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – Welcome to the latest edition of “Ken’s Blog”, where historian Ken Warren takes us through some of his childhood memories, sharing with us the lives and times of his sports oriented family growing up in Saskatchewan and Manitoba in the 1900’s and beyond. Ken calls this week’s installment “Youth Potential and India Wants Our Bob.” Enjoy!


Yesterday, Friday, Sept. 6th, was going to be a banner day for me. As high-scorer for his Calgary hockey league my 8-year-old grandson, Mike Gibbons Jr., was picked to skate and fraternize with the scores of NHL stars who are in Calgary for tryouts with Team Canada’s Olympic squad. It’s a cancer fund raiser.

Picture 053

I pictured today’s blog would be an exciting tale of the little guy’s slapshot on Luongo, goalie for the last gold medal Canada won at the Olympics, and Mike Senior’s favourite player.

Picture 028

Then I pictured him stick handling past Sidney Crosby. The mind can certainly play tricks on you. Or maybe he would be gently boarded by Shea Weber. Whatever, wouldn’t it be great just to have your picture taken with any of those three? Remember the picture of 10-year-old Wayne Gretzky with his hero, Gordie Howe?

Picture 245

But alas, none of it is to be. By the silly quirks of fate, little Mike’s Division One tryouts are scheduled for the same time as the team Canada events. If you know hockey and are familiar with how important it is for some to be on a Division One team, you’ll know that tryouts can’t be missed.

“There’ll be other opportunities for Mike to get his picture taken with some stars,” his Pop said. “Tryouts are too important to miss.”

mike gibbons

Damn! Just think of how many pictures I could have had on this blog with little Mike shooting on, skating past, or just standing with some of the guys who are going to Sochi and bring us back another gold.


How many Islanders knew that the Indian Government went out of their way to celebrate the arrival in India of retired Victoria teacher and Saanich politician Bob Cameron. Bob was in India with his wife Ivy and son Jimmy for his other son’s (Craig’s) wedding. After the wedding, the Camerons, including Craig and his new bride Pallavi, journeyed to the Andaman Islands, a distant part of India. Their plane landed in Port Blair, but the island they had chosen, Havelot, was a 3-hour ferry trip to their resort. The following day they snorkeled and enjoyed the beach life until they were confronted by a man who turned out to be the Islands police chief. The conversation kind of went like this:

“M’am, are you Pallavi?”


“Then, you sir, are Mr. Cameron?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I have a message for you, sir, from the Governor. Sir, the Governor would be honoured with your presence in his mansion at Port Blair. Tomorrow is Independence Day for India and we wish to share the celebration with you and your party. A helicopter will be brought to take you all to Port Blair.”

The police chief then handed the phone to Bob and the person on the line reiterated that the Governor was excited to have Bob and family share Independence Day, they would be provided luxury accommodations and a special tea party would be held at the mansion on their arrival.

Bob was mystified as to why he and his family were singled out for this special treatment. Maybe an Independence lottery for tourists? Whatever, they agreed to participate.

On the way to the waiting helicopter, the police chief asked Bob if he had any new movies planned.

“Not at the moment,” Bob replied, but now he had to think about what the chief had just asked.

“Movies?” Bob thought. “Jimmy had arranged this trip to the Andaman Islands. Bob looked at the names in his party. OMG, Jimmy is James Cameron. They think I’m James Cameron.”

Bob showed his passport to the police chief and explained there’s likely been a case of mistaken identity. He introduced the police chief to his son, James Cameron.

The chief called the Governor and explained the mistake. Everybody was disappointed, but Bob still had his humour with him: “I guess the helicopter ride is no longer an option.”

The police chief smiled faintly. “Right,” he said.

What follows are the two Indian newspaper stories. The excitement about James Cameron being on the Andaman Islands; and then the explanation that it was only Bob and his family.

James Cameron holidaying at Havelock

Port Blair, Aug.13: James Cameron, director of the global hit “Titanic” and “Avatar” is presently holidaying at Havelock Island. According to reports available here, James Cameron reached Port Blair this morning and in today’s ferry of MV Long Island, the world famous director reached Havelock.

At Havelock James Cameron is halting at Hotel Silver Sand with six other friends, out of which two are Canadian while four are Australian National. The director is present working in Avatar 2 is all set to return on 16, August 2013.

Family name ‘Cameron’ makes Canadian Family hit in Havelock

By Andaman Sheekha

Port Blair, Aug 14: To further confirm the news of ‘James Cameron holidaying in Andaman’, representatives of Andaman Sheekha today reached a private hotel of Havelock and located James Cameron. But it was found that though the name and nationality matches 100 percent but Mr. James Cameron, present in Havelock is not the world famous film director.’ However, the family name ‘Cameron’ has made the family centre of attraction at Havelock Island.

Andaman Sheekha on 14th August 2013 had published a news with caption “James Cameron holidaying at Havelock” following initial reports and subsequent confirmation from various sources, including police and hotel sources.

Following some apprehensions about his presence in India (as news in global level says something else) when AS representatives reached Havelock it was found that James Cameron, presently holidaying at Havelock, with his father Robert Cameron and mother Ivy Cameron, has no links with film making.

The date of birth of Film maker James Cameron August 16, 1954 while the date of birth of Mr. Cameron present in Havelock is 15 September 1976. Father and mother of film maker James Cameron are Phillip Cameron and Shirley Cameron while the father and mother of Mr. Cameron (present in Havelock) are Robert Craig Cameron and Ivy Cameron.

Earlier this morning, a police team had also reportedly reached the hotel to meet James Cameron but they found that the James Cameron Present in Havelock is not the Hollywood Film Maker.

The news of James Cameron visiting Havelock had spread like wildfire in Andaman following a post of the Hotel Owner and some travel agents in social media websites.