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September 11, 2013, Victoria, BC (ISN) – Welcome to the latest and final edition of “Ken’s Blog”, where historian Ken Warren takes us through some of his childhood memories, sharing with us the lives and times of his sports oriented family growing up in Saskatchewan and Manitoba in the 1900’s and beyond. Ken calls this week’s installment “Kids Must Live, Brilliant Women, My Last Blog.” Enjoy!


My Canadian grandchildren deserve a SAFE environment, parents and grandparents who love them, and lots of special times. And they get all of that in spades.

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Marcus (left), Keeley (Dad, centre) and Jack (right)

But millions of Syria’s children get none of what is normal fare in Canada. Why? Because Western leaders think only two options exist. Either do nothing so Russia and China don’t get pissed off, or bomb the hell out of Assad’s holdings and thereby challenge Russia and China’s threats.

Well, there is a third and much safer option. The United Nations should request funding from countries which have caused this world-wide scare and would otherwise have been spent on war. With the funding, the UN could offer to move all willing Syrian families to rented space, shelter, food, and other necessities in Syria’s neighbouring nations. It’s time the UN rattled its own sabre. That way the Hezbollah-led Syrian Army can fight the Al-Qaeda-led Rebels to the last standing man, and then the many millions of Syrian refugees can return home and control the decimated winner of the Terrorist Wars.

I don’t want the USA to blunder bomb yet another country, because this time our own children are threatened.

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Marcus and Jack with Grandma

Just maybe if enough refugee families return to Syria, they will considerably outnumber the victorious terrorist forces, and take charge of their own country. Maybe then their children will be able to go to school and learn how to play again.

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In the seven years that I taught English in China I met many brilliant Chinese girls and women, but here I’ve singled out just three of them. For those of you who still believe that the Chinese favour only boys, WAKE UP. There are more girls and women in Chinese universities than males.

AMY (English name for Ling Zhou): My wonderful friend and colleague in Zhengzhou, my first year in China. Amy was the marketing manager for my school and assisted me in so many ways with Mandarin notes for travel, food, entertainment, and shopping. My closest friend ever in China. She is currently in New York after graduating from Niagara University with a Masters Degree in Business, and considering whether to use her $30,000 scholarship for a doctorate or find a job in the Big Apple.

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FIONA: My Grade 10 student at Grand Canadian Academy in Nanjing. She won a city-wide debate for us, and came second in a drama play I had written. Her performance was the best in the competition, but a mistake by one of her fellow actors cost us first place. Fiona was brilliant. She took me to two Nanjing daily newspapers and explained complicated mnemonics to the reporters. She graduated last year from McGill University.

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JEANIE (JIN HU): My Grade 10 student from Nanchang. She hasn’t told me how she met Prime Minister Harper last month, but I’m sure that he doesn’t know how briliant the little woman beside him is. Jeanie is in her grad year at the University of Toronto. Often I would get her to instruct the lesson to the class and I would simply watch. We would travel to other schools in Nanchang and Jeanie would explain in English how the Chinese mnemonic poems worked. She was the class leader through and through.1184949 10151904273495522_1021798911_n


This being my last blog, I want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have allowed me into your homes and have read any of my 24 blogs.

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It has been fun writing the adventures of a Canadian nobody who has had some unusual experiences. Like a 13-year-old shooting 100 or so rats while sitting six inches from my living room window. Like having a personal connection with Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, and Gordie Howe, the three greatest hockey players of the 20th Century. Like joining the RCAF, but jumping out of the train to become a newspaper reporter. Like being on the BC Ferry that gets crushed by a Russian Freighter. Like having your best friend murder and rob an old grocery store owner, and be listed as an accomplice until the Vancouver Police find out you were training in the RCMP at the time. Like having a beautiful woman and her daughter at your son’s birthday party and ask her if that beauty caused her any trouble at the night club where she worked. Yes, she says, and she is murdered six hours later in front of her 9 year-old daughter in her own home. Like writing an anti-Pierre Trudeau book and have him steal it without paying. Lay a charge against him and police testify he never took the book. Liars! Like Hal Banks the former Sooke District school principal who sexually violated more than a thousand pupils. Like me, Ken, one of the few people in the world (I hope) who has been sexually violated by both a Protestant and Roman Catholic Priest. Like how I sold my Gastown store to a couple of U.S. Draft Dodgers. Like me unquestionably being the Mnemonic King of the World.

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Thank you again for your participation and interest. And thank you, Scott Harrigan, for your leadership, wise counsel, and friendly disposition.

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