OneGoal Transitioning Responsibilties to USA Hockey, Hockey Canada

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Efforts Have Been Successful In Helping Influence Growth of Hockey

September 27, 2013, COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – OneGoal, founded in 2004 to help grow the sport of ice hockey in North America, will transfer its responsibilities to USA Hockey and Hockey Canada effective immediately it was announced today.

OneGoal was established as a joint effort of Bauer, Reebok/CCM, Easton, the National Hockey League, National Hockey League Players’ Association, USA Hockey, Hockey Canada and several other key North American hockey stakeholders. As a non-profit organization with no commercial interests, OneGoal stressed the positive values of hockey, while attempting to break down the real and perceived barriers affecting participation. OneGoal’s signature initiative was its starter equipment program, which helped reduce entry level costs into the sport. That program, as well as the OneGoal brand, will be maintained by USA Hockey.

“OneGoal represents the largest and most significant group of hockey stakeholders to ever come together for the purpose of growing youth hockey in North America,” said Geoff Sadowy, president of OneGoal and former executive vice president and general manager of Easton Hockey. “We’re proud of the efforts and impact OneGoal has had, and we all feel that USA Hockey and Hockey Canada are best positioned to lead these efforts moving forward.”

“There are some 45,000 sets of youth hockey starter gear in the marketplace thanks to OneGoal and that’s had a hugely positive impact,” said Dave Ogrean, executive director of USA Hockey. “We’re most grateful to all involved with OneGoal and look forward to continuing many of the concepts started by the group.”

“OneGoal helped create a synergy among the game’s significant stakeholders that has been extremely beneficial,” said Bob Nicholson, president of Hockey Canada. “The future of hockey in North America has no doubt been strengthened through the group’s efforts.”

For further information on the OneGoal starter equipment program, click here or contact USA Hockey at 719.538.1124.

Christian J. Stewart
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