McGill rowers open season with strong performances at Ottawa regatta


OTTAWA — The McGill rowing team had one of its most productive days ever as seven of their boats posted first-place finishes at the Head of the Rideau regatta in the nation’s capital over the weekend.

Both the men’s and women’s varsity eights won their respective races, along with the women’s four and men’s double. The men’s lightweight eight also came in first, along with the junior varsity women’s four and the novice men’s eight.

Women’s Eight Sarah Wang (coxie), Luce Bourbeau, Kalyna Franko, Esther Jamieson, Kelly Donivan, Catherine Fontaine, Helena de Boer, Mira Anand, Juliette Robert

Men’s Eight: Laura Marks (coxie), Lucas de Gelder, Thomas Portsmouth, Robert Laniel, Dylan Brown, Christopher Law, Nathan Yang, Brent Hopkins, Marc Bedard

Women’s Four Sarah Wang (coxie), Kalyna Franko, Esther Jamieson, Kelly Donivan, Luce Bourbeau

Men’s Double: Mark York, Thomas Portsmouth

Lightweight Men’s Eight: Laura Marks, Hubert Blouin, Nathan Hawkins, Robert Laniel, Henry Wang , Eric Saragosa , Thomas Charbonneau, Alexandre Guerin, Harrison Humphrey

JV Women’s Four Sarah Wang (coxie), Andréanne Côté, Rosalyn Dunkley, Elise Duschene-Giguere, Kathleen Brown- Vandecruys

Novice Men’s Eight – Jordan Pollock (coxie), David Slawaska-Eng, Mathieu Bartholomew, Brennan deNeeve, Riley Craig, Ivan Chan, Tyler Enright, Ian Pearson, Timur Karimov
A complete list of McGill’s results (place/total boats) are posted below and the official results are posted online at:
Varsity Light Men’s Single (Mark York) – 4th of 10 entries
JV Men’s Double – first of four
JV Women’s Double – third of four
Varsity Light Men’s Double – third of four
Varsity Women’s 4+ –  first of five
Varsity Light Women’s 4+ –  second of four
Men’s Eight – first of five
Junior Varsity Women’s 4+ – first of three
Novice Men’s Eight – (two entries: first and fourth of seven)
Varsity Women’s Eight – first of three
Men’s Double – first of sixth
Junior Varsity Men’s 4+ – second of five
Varsity Light Men’s Eight – first of one entry
Novice Women’s Eight – second of six

A complete McGill team list follows:
McGill Varsity Women’s Roster:

Heavyweight 8+
Sarah Wang (cox)
Luce Bourbeau
Kalyna Franko
Esther Jamieson
Kelly Donivan
Catherine Fontaine
Helena de Boer
Mira Anand
Juliette Robert
Lightweight 4+
Kathryn Jones (cox)
Shannon Gavrilchuk
Charli Skinner
Marie-Pier Caron
Isabel Macquarrie
JV Women:
Andréanne Côté
Elise Duschene-Giguere
Rosalyn Dunkley
Kathleen Brown- Vandecruys
Brooke Currie
Kirsten Crandall
McGill Varsity Men Roster:

Heavyweight 8+
Philippe Bouchard (cox)
Lucas de Gelder
Tom Portsmouth
Ford Donovan
Christopher Law
Marc Bedard
Dylan Brown
Nathan Yang
Laura Marks (cox)
Mark York
Brent Hopkins
Robert Laniel
Paul Soumalias
Jonas Mutukistna
Henry  Wang
Nathan Hawkins
Eric Saragosa
Hubert Blouin
Alexandre Guerin
Thomas Charbonneau
Harrison Humphrey
JV Men:
George Popi
Colin Cheng
Etienne Racine
Dylan Applebaum
Justin Fjisch
Dillon Peters
Novice Men:
cox – Jordan Pollock
8-David Slawaska-Eng
7-Mathieu Bartholomew
6-Brennan deNeeve
5-Riley Craig
4-Ivan Chan
3-Tyler Enright
2-Ian Pearson
1-Timur Karimov
McConnell Boat
c- Didier Chen
8-Kahn Scott
7-Rodrigo Cubedo
6-Micheal Schanz
5-Mathieu Marienbach
4-Michael Zhao
3-Derek Liu
2-Aaron Sweeney
1-Thomas Baron
Novice Women:
cox – Lily Holmer
Alexa Haugan 
Abigail Smith
Luce Engerant
Tina Kim
Emily Pernet
Emma Scheinmann
Talia Sternbach
Forouhid Peyvandi