October 2, 2013, Swift Current, SK – The Swift Current Broncos Hockey Club released their financial statements from the 2012-2013 season.


Hockey operations revenue increased by just over $57,000 this past season with $46,000 more in gate revenue. The organization also raises funds through advertising and saw an increase of $45,000 in corporate sponsorship.

Attendance was on par with last year, but the organization saw increases in concession of $13,000, and in both alcohol and 50-50 sales. The club announced that they recorded 841 hours of community service last year (up from years prior).

The Broncos announced a cash loss of $13, 535 for 2012-2013. Fundraising efforts did not realize the anticipated revenue and that resulted in the loss.

Furthermore there was an increase in the education fund liability of just over $127,000 from the previous year. This fund looks at potential future education costs based on signed players and the likely hood of those players attending postsecondary education after their junior hockey career is finished. The increase is a league wide phenomenon due to a higher number of players attending post-secondary in addition our recent draft picks have shown tremendous hockey potential and have been signed to contracts which adds to the increase.

The organization has some new and exciting promotions this year including their Saturday Night Sell Outs and continues to work towards increasing revenue in all areas. The Swift Current Broncos Hockey Club would like to thank all of their loyal fans, members and businesses for their continued support.