by Sylvia Labelle

October 7, 2013, EDMONTON (ISN) – Island Sports News photographer, Sylvia Labelle was in attendance at Keith Sayer’s ‘Evolution of Extreme’ FMX Two Wheelz bike show in Edmonton this weekend where two shows were performed, along with the 5050 BMX show.

The event displayed an outstanding show of BMX, Motorcross bikes, street bikes, snowmobiles, and ATV’s which performed amazing death defying tricks throughout the entire two hours of thrilling entertainment. Many gasps were heard coming from the audience as the performers flew into the air and flipped and stunted throughout the entire show. Do not try any of the stunts at home.

Sylvia’s webite is: http://photosbysylvia.zenfolio.com/   

DSC 4122  Craig Latimer

Craig Latimier steering his street bike with his feet. Not a recommended way of riding on the street.


DSC 4447 Craig Latimer

Craig Latimer doing a head stand while driving, which is another non recommended way of riding the motorcycle.


DSC 4395 Keith Sayerssmall

Keith Sayers who the show is name for holding the bike with one hand and grabbing his foot with the other hand while flying to the rafters at the Edmonton Expo Centre 

DSC 4480 Cody Elkins

Cody Elkins flipping his body in front of the ATV while jumping it to the rafters.

DSC 4615 Cody Elkins

Cody Elkins flipping his ATV upside down between to pyrotechnic blasts.

DSC 4535 Buddy Cuthbertsonsmall

Buddy Cuthberson performing a 2 hand headstand way above the audience at the Edmonton Expo Centre

DSC 4577 Billy Kohut

Billy Kohout swinging out sideways from his motorcross bike while flying it through the air

DSC 4586 Nick Dunne

Nick Dunne Standing on his motorcross bike as it flies above the audience

DSC 4710 Heath Frisby

Heath Frisby flying his snowmobile inside the Edmonton Expo Centre where there was no snow to be found for hundreds of miles.