Chivas USA set to host 2013 Generation Adidas Cup

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October 8, 2013, Carson, Calif. (ISN) – Chivas USA will host their first Generation Adidas Cup regional event on Oct. 11-14, 2013, as well as a number of friendly matches between teams from the Red-and-White’s Youth Development Academy and Coast Soccer League.

The Generation adidas Cup will be hosted at UCI Crawford field at the University of California Irvine’s campus and it will be comprised of five Major League Soccer Academy teams: Chivas USA, Seattle Sounders, San Jose Earthquakes, L.A. Galaxy, Portland Timbers. Additionally, Tijuana Academy team Xolos will be invited to round out the number of teams to six, with those games counting as friendlies.

“As the host of our first Generation adidas Cup regional tournament, we are looking forward to running a successful event this coming weekend,” said Chivas USA Senior Director of Business Development, Blane Shepard. “With the support of adidas, MLS and our partner Coast Soccer League we are confident that this will be an exciting event for all clubs involved, and are looking forward to seeing some great soccer.”

Chivas USA will kick off the tournament in an exhibition match against Xolos on Friday, Oct. 11, and will then play Portland on Saturday, Oct. 12. Having Sunday off, the Red-and-White will finish up the tournament against the San Jose Earthquakes on Monday, Oct. 14.

“It’s exciting for us to have all of these MLS clubs in attendance this early in the year,” said Chivas USA Director of Youth Development, Sacha van der Most. “It is great to be able to host an event like this with our partners and we look forward to hosting an exciting competition.”

Following the Generation adidas Cup, the next regional event will be held in San Jose, Calif., in February over Presidents Day Weekend – with the national event’s exact date and location yet to be determined.

In conjunction with the Generation adidas Cup, Chivas USA and Coast Soccer League will also host friendly matches in the 1999/2000 age category – a seven team tournament made up of three Coast Soccer League premier teams as well as four teams from the MLS Academy clubs playing in the competition. The exhibition games will also take place on the same dates as the main event.

2013 Generation adidas Cup schedule:


Match          Date            Time                Teams                Field

1              10/11/2013      3:00 PM     GALAXY/PORTLAND      3

2              10/11/2013      3:00 PM     SAN JOSE/SEATTLE      2

Friendly    10/11/2013      3:00 PM     XOLOS/CHIVAS            4

3              10/12/2013    12:00 PM     SAN JOSE/GALAXY        2

4              10/12/2013    12:00 PM     PORTLAND/CHIVAS       3

Friendly    10/12/2013    12:00 PM     SEATTLE/XOLOS           4

Friendly    10/13/2013    12:00 PM     CSL SELECT/XOLOS     2

5              10/14/2013    10:00 AM     GALAXY/SEATTLE           1

6              10/14/2013    10:00 AM     CHIVAS/SAN JOSE         2


Match         Date              Time              Teams               Field

Friendly    10/11/2013      1:00 PM GALAXY/SEATTLE           3

Friendly    10/11/2013      1:00 PM SAN JOSE/XOLOS           2

Friendly    10/11/2013      1:00 PM CSL SELECT/CHIVAS      4

Friendly    10/12/2013      2:00 PM SAN JOSE/CHIVAS          2

Friendly    10/12/2013      2:00 PM CSL SELECT/GALAXY     3

Friendly    10/12/2013      2:00 PM SEATTLE/XOLOS            4

Friendly    10/13/2013      2:00 PM CSL SELECT/XOLOS       2

Friendly    10/14/2013    10:00 AM GALAXY/SAN JOSE         3

Friendly    10/14/2013    10:00 AM CHIVAS/SEATTLE           4