Ask an agent: How do parents deal with scouts?


By Jason Nadeau

October 10, 2013 (ISN) – Often, parents of players in minor hockey are unsure of how to deal with scouts when they start showing up at the rink to watch your children play. Some people handle this new situation well and others can turn into nightmare-hockey-parents and potentially hurt their child’s reputation.

In fact, when I scout a game, says Nadeau, it is a rare occurrence when only one parent has come to chat with me. There’s nothing wrong with interacting with scouts, you just want to be diplomatic in your conversations. This is what I consider appropriate ways to interact with Scouts when they show up at the local rink:

-Introduce yourself and tell him who your son is – it is usually obvious anyway after the first cheer or overly ecstatic yell of encouragement.

-If asked, answer questions about your son (and not your son’s teammates).

-Upon request, provide contact information or set up a personal interview. This is also a good spot to inform them that the team has a scouting package and if they are interested, you can either get it for them or direct them to the person that hands them out. I’ve yet to say no to a scouting package.

-Most scouts will have their own scouting information from their organization or from a professional scouting program such as RinkNet. However, these sources are not always accurate, complete, or up-to-date.

-Let them do their job. Feel free to chat but recognize that they are working; after a few minutes of polite conversation, thank them for their time and move on. Please don’t waste their time; they are working.

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