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October 11, 2013, VICTORIA (ISN) – There are no games for the club this weekend, as it is Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean nothing is going on! The Americas Rugby Championship starts tonight, with games between Canada, USA, Uruguay, and Argentina at Westhills Stadium (  Games are on Tuesday evening and next Saturday as well.


As part of their tour, the Uruguay squad is coming by Velox tomorrow afternoon, Saturday, from 1:00 to 3:30. There will be a bbq, social, and a chance to maybe play some touch or throw the ball around with some impressive rugby players. All are welcome, so bring your friends or kids by for the event!

Metal Drive

Our fundraiser metal drive has been extended to Saturday Nov 2nd. There will be a bin in the club parking lot until then for you to drop off your donations. There are restrictions: No fridges/freezers, TVs, tires, anything with fluid or oil, anything flammable or combustible, or containing mercury, asbestos, or radioactive materials.

Jr Women Training Clinic

There will be a free rugby clinic for 12-18 year old girls tonight (Friday) at Spencer Middle School in Langford, from 4-5:30pm. It’s put on by Velox’s Barb Mervin, with other National Women’s Team players helping to coach. Barb has started her own line of rugby gear specifically for women ( and will be displaying some of her product line there.