Vic Sharks

Story and photos: Kasey Eriksen (ISN)

October 13, 2013, Victoria – On Saturday night at Pearkes Arena in Victoria, the Victoria Hockey League was underway as the Sharks and the Penguins faced off at 9:45 PM. This was the first meeting of three, in the regular season for these two teams and both sides came out of the gates eager for the win. While Kyle Harrison was in net for the Penguins, Dave Brumby was in for the Sharks.

The Penguins came out just a little bit stronger as they were the first and second to strike. It didnt help that the Sharks only had five in their lineup but that still didn’t deter them from giving it their best. The first goal was a shorthander by Simon Vreeswijk which got the game rolling, while another goal followed shortly after by Max McCloy, and it is now 2-0 Penguins.

aIMG 9648small
Penguins’ Max McCloy watches on as the puck is now down ice.

The Sharks got into the game when Terry Wilson got his team on the board with a power play goal, changing the scoring to 2-1 Penguins.

Penguins’ Ben Thornber plotted the team’s third goal, ending the first period on a high note with the score of 3-1 for the Penguins.

aIMG 9675small
Sharks’ Jeremy Hanman tries to stop Penguins’ Tanner Carter from acquiring the puck.

At 9:37 into the second, the Penguins sealed the deal when Max McCloy scored his second of the night, ending the game with a final score of 4-1 Penguins.

aIMG 9682small
Sharks’ Sacha Asfar is well aware that the Penguins’ Tanner Carter is breathing down his neck.

These two teams don’t meet up again until the 17th of November.

The next Sharks game will be on the 17th of October in Naden when they take on the Stars.

aIMG 9722small
Penguins’ Reid Prystal prepares to get the puck moving again.

aIMG 9750small
Sharks’s Sacha Asfar and Penguins’ Max McCloy battle for the puck after a faceoff.

aIMG 9751small

Sharks’ Grady Shinske hopes for the best after shooting the puck to a teammate.

aIMG 9752small
Penguins’ goaltender, Kyle Harrison, manages to stop Sharks’ Sacha Asfar from scoring.