PISE launches new Adapted Physical Literacy Programs


October 15, 2013, VICTORIA (ISN) – The Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE) will launch two new Adapted Physical Literacy Programs in November. The new programs are dedicated to promote healthy, active living to youths with physical disabilities and mobility limitations.

The two programs, Adapt – It Kids and Adapt – It Teens, were created to help connect children with physical disabilities to the world of physical literacy, and provide them with opportunities to play.

“There are many opportunities and organizations that target those with cognitive disabilities rather than physical disabilities, and many do not have programs specifically for kids,” says Kelly Graham, Physical Literacy Coordinator. “PISE identified this need and as a result created these programs. We hope to provide that natural pathway from physical literacy as a child, to teen programs, to adult programs, to training at a high performance level or being active for life.”

Adapt It – Kids, for ages 6 – 12, will be the introduction to fundamental movement skills with the goal to build the kids confidence levels so that they are excited about physical activity. “Our goal isn’t to replace the function of an Occupational Therapist, but to provide a fun, safe environment where kids can interact with other kids, learn new skills, and most importantly play,” says Graham.

Adapt It – Teens, for ages 13 – 18, will work on more advanced skills, explore sports, and involve them more in a gym environment. “That way when they hit the magic ’18 years of age’ and are considered adults, they will possess the skills and abilities they need to stay active for life. They can then decide to take one of PISE’s adult programs like Adapted H.I.T.T., Adapted Strength and Conditioning, or Wheelchair Basketball,” adds Graham.

Adapt It – Kids sessions run from November 7 – May 1 (no classes from December 19 – January 19). Adapt – It Teens sessions runs from November 5 – April 29 (no classes December 17 – January 14). To register phone: 250-220-2510, online: www.piseworld.com, email: sblack@piseworld.com.