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Photos by Erich Eichhorn (ISN)

October 15, 2013, Langford (ISN) – Argentina continued to display their dominance at the 2013 Americas Rugby Championship with a 34-0 victory over their continental rival from Uruguay on Tuesday night at Westhills Stadium in Langford, B.C.

Argentina once again showed that their offence has no intention of slowing down as the team scored four tries for the second straight game.

Patricio Fernández stepped up for his country on Tuesday as the fly-half accounted 19 of his team’s 34 points.

Uruguay’s Agustin Indarte pulls the ball out of the scrum to start the play against Argentina in day two of the IRB America Rugby Championships – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

Argentina started things off with the kicking game as Fernández successfully made two penalty kicks in the first portion of the game while Uruguay missed one to avoid gaining back some momentum.

“I think the tackle was perfect,” said Fernández after the game. “We were trying a lot of tackles [earlier] in the week.”

Uruguay would chase the ball most of the night as Argentina continued its dominance in IRB action at Westhills Stadium – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

Ramiro Moyano scored his first try of the game just moments before adding another one to put Argentina up by 20 heading into the break.

Coming out of the break, Uruguay recaptured some of the momentum they found during their first game against Canada. For forty minutes, Uruguay battled hard and came close to scoring several times but were held back at each opportunity by Argentina.

Argentina could do no wrong against Uruguay in day two action as balls kept bouncing their way to a 34-0 win – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

Argentina recaptured momentum just moments later as Fernández scored a try of his own to put Argentina up 27-0. A late try by Juan Cappiello would give the Argentinean squad the bonus point they coveted.

Up next for Argentina is a matchup on Saturday against Canada. Fernández said after the match with Uruguay that the matchup on Saturday should be highly anticipated with Argentina looking to go perfect and bring the Championship home.

“I think that it will be a tough match but I think that we have a good team so we [will] keep working on that and hope that we win tournament.”

Meanwhile, Uruguay will go in search of their first win at the tournament against the United States, with both teams looking to gain the upper hand before next year’s World Cup Qualifier.

Uruguay’s Agustin Alonso employs the straight arm to the face of an Argentinian would be tackler – Erich Eichhorn image ( )

Argentina 34

Tries: Moyano 2, Fernández, Cappiello

Conversion: Fernández 4

PG: Fernández 2

Uruguay 0




Argentina Roster for Uruguay

  • 1- Roberto Tejerizo
  • 2- Julián Montoya
  • 3- Esteban Viale
  • 4- Matías Alemanno
  • 5- Juan Guerineau
  • 6- Martín Chiappesoni
  • 7- Fidel Lamy
  • 8- Lucas Paschini
  • 9- Gonzalo Bertranou
  • 10- Patricio Fernández
  • 11- Joaquín Tuculet (capitán)
  • 12- Juan Cappiello
  • 13- Matías Orlando
  • 14- Dan Isaack
  • 15- Ramiro Moyano


  • 16- Martín García Veiga
  • 17- Ignacio Sáenz Lancuba
  • 18- Matías Díaz
  • 19- Guido Petti Pagadiabal
  • 20- Joaquín Camacho
  • 21- Pedro Imhoff
  • 22- Sebastián Poet
  • 23- Javier Rojas

Entrenadores: Daniel Hourcade y Emiliano Bergamaschi.

Uruguay roster for Argentina

  • 1-Juan Echeverría
  • 2-Arturo Ávalo (Capitán)
  • 3-Juan Pedro Rombys
  • 4-Mateo Sanguinetti
  • 5-Santiago Vilaseca
  • 6-Agustin Alonso
  • 7-Fernando Bascou
  • 8-Franco Lamanna
  • 9-Agustín Indarte
  • 10-Rodrigo Silva
  • 11-Juan Andrés Peña
  • 12-Rodrigo De Pazos
  • 13-Santiago Core
  • 14-Santiago Martínez
  • 15-Gastón Mieres


  • Rodolfo De Mula
  • José Astigarraga
  • Francisco Jimenez
  • Matías Beer
  • Juan DeFreitas
  • Alejo Duran
  • Andrés Vilaseca
  • Joaquín Prada