Cross on the Rock 2013 #2 – Binab GP in Victoria, BC

cross on the rock

October 17, 2013, Victoria (ISN) – The combination of a sunny day, a holiday, and an amazing and popular race venue at Western Speedway in Victoria resulted in smashing all Cross on the Rock attendance records!

The Kona Kup on Thanksgiving 2012 in Nanaimo set our bar high, with 218 racers. We did not expect to see 278 people come out for the Binab GP – but that they did! Not only that, but over 30 kids out for the childrens race brought our total tally to over 300 racers.

It could barely have been a better day, with the sun warming all it touched, including the racers, who averaged over 28kph on the fastest laps of this 2.4km course. The CotR courses are getting more sophisticated – it was once again the ‘equalizer’ start – a straight-across all-at-once launch for freedom from the race pit, onto the finish of the motorcross course, and after a few twists your choice of four barriers, or a short gap-jump. This time, it was much less intimidating, and most racers had no problem catching a little air. That lead into a gnarly two-up zig-zag, and one of the fast segments of flat, fast pavement (speeds over 50kph recorded), into the grassy/gravelly center of the Speedway, under and over the flyover, then back towards the motorcross track. Before that was a short but leg-wrecking climb into the rough, hairpin-cornered motorcross finish. Fitness was really important this day, but to really eek out maximal speed from the course, great bike handling skills were essential.


There were 40 riders toeing the line in the Male Beginners race, and the first champ of the day was Ritchie Collins (Russ Hays), who just kept ahead of Mark Grant (VIPYRS), who’s now finished 2nd twice. Luke Hill (Ramblers) rounded out the Top Three, in a sprint with Sean De Pol (Ind).

On the Female side, Under 13 racer Casey Garrison (Tripleshot Cycling) was edged out by Shanna Parkin (Ind) at the line. Chasing hard was Christina Service (Ind), who finished not too far behind in this group of 24.


David Huntley (Ind) was once again in the Intermediate field and thrashed the 61 other racers in this field for that top step on the podium. In 3rd was Derek Kidd (Oak Bay Bikes), who actually braked just before the line, allowing his duel-mate Clayton Webb (Stuckylife) to finish just ahead of him. We’re looking forward to seeing how these two mix it up over the next few races.

Perhaps the ‘Most Popular Racer’, Glenowyn Carlson was a welcome sight back on the ‘cross scene, and just edged out Karen Fedoruk (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers). Young Tarryn Cote (Pro City Racing – VAC) was tearing it up for the first portion of the race, but couldn’t hold it against these veteran women, but still earned the third podium step. The Intermediate Women’s field also saw 24 starters!

Clayton Webb also had the distinction of being the top Singlespeeder this day, although he may move to the Light Side, after winning the Trek ‘cross bike donated by Pro City Cycling.


Evan Luksay (Trail Bikes) once again was the top U13 boy, and Casey Garrison in addition to finishing 2nd in the Beginners, also was the fast U13 girl! Mark Grant must also be getting comfortable taking the U15 title, and Eve Taylor (Pro City Racing – VAC) is our first top in the U15 Girls category. James Grant (VIPYRS) and Holly Simonson (Pro City Racing – VAC) were the top U17 racers. Them’s is some fast kids!! (And please don’t borrow our grammar!)


Not leaving it to a sprint, Dylan Reeves (Tripleshot) once again took the Masters title, leaving Peter Stevenson (Experience Cycle) and Steve Bachop (IRC/presented by Bob Cameron Law) breathing at the line in an epic battle.

Lee Blais (Ind) once again took the SS title; we need more old guys without gears! In the 50+ field, Bill McMillan (Ind) was the fastest of the really decrepit. His 8th Overall is all that much more impressive, what are they feeding him at the seniors home?! I probably shouldn’t make fun of these guys, with 66 racers, this is the biggest field in the series!


The sharpened spokes were out today, and this time Canadian Champ Mical Dyck (Stans No Tubes) beat out Canadian superstar Wendy Simms (KONA) by 1:10 over 7 laps. We know this competition isn’t settled. And right there in the mix is Dawn Anderson (Oak Bay Bikes – Victoria Wheelers), who is starting to get used to not winning races! No matter how you look at it, this is an amazing trio. Once again, there were no SingleSpeeders in the Open Women’s field, but an impressive 15 women raced this field, with a total of 63 female racers over the day!


Tyler Trace (Ind) was again a dominant force at Western Speedway, but much closer on his wheels (just 38 seconds back) was Drew Mackenzie (Shimano/Marin/Pearl Izumi), followed by Thomas Skinner (Sponsor Connected/VOMax p/b Norco) – these local guys were within’ sight of each other, and kept it that way until the end! Nick Berry (Mighty Riders) was top SS racer in this field – no doubt there would have been a lot of variance in cadence on this course at these speeds (And Parker, you might owe Nick the 6 pack you just auto-pilot collected)!


A nice video ‘review’ of course highlights from Russel Berg: 

Video from Jon Watkin: 

Photos from Patrick Burnham: 

Photos from Nicholas Kupiak: 

Photos from Brad Head: 


From Roland Rabien, Race Director:

A huge thank you to all the racers and spectators who made the Binab Property Group GP the biggest CotR event to date. You are the reason we host these races.

Thank you to all the business that supported the race. Support those who support us.

  • Title Sponsor: Jason Binab of Binab Property Group
  • Presenting Sponsor: Trek Bicycle Store Victoria
  • Flyover Sponsor: Rasmus Rabien of Razu Welding
  • Prize Sponsors: Vista Estates, Broadmead Physiotherapy, Mike Tuckey of Green/Horwood/Tuckey, L’Hermitage Boutique Hotel, Marriot Hotel, Cactus Club, Luv Hair Salon, Erin Anderson of Beyond Fitness, Phillips Beer, Accent Inns, Jasper Blake of B78, Kharma Design Studio
  • Choux Choux Charcuterie, DJ Sean Cunningham, Wannawafel, Rumble, Westshore Motocross

And all our volunteers:

  • Race Committee: Scott Mitchell, Sylvia Storry, Peter Wellsman, Jason Binab
  • Results: Katie Duncan-Rabien & Jen Dosil
  • In the timing tent: As always Hilary Grant with help from Andrea, Sherri & her daughter
  • Registration: Laura Cook, Leah Tennent, Glenowyn Carlson
  • Kids Race: Cristyna Jones, Martina Edney, Danielle Stevens
  • Beer Garden: Sabrina Macleod, Christyna Jones
  • Course Setup / Destruction: Scott Mitchell, Mitch Thacker, Peter Wellsman, Troy Woodburn, Drew Mackenzie, Joele Guynup, Richard & Laura Cook, Joel Taylor, Halldor Gunnarsson, Ed Thacker, Tom Skinner, Jeff Doyle, Clay Webb, Vanessa Service, Mike Houston, Terry McCall, Cam Maysmith, Jamie Cameron, Jen Erlendson, Denise Mahon, JP Robinson, Christyna Jones, Dave Pfaffenberger, Parker Bloom, Leif Keithly, Curtis Schlossberger, Shannon Baerg, Mical Dyck
  • Keg disposal: Cam & Jeff
  • A bit of everything: Norm & Wendy, Katie, Mike Houston, Ed Thacker, Bill Fry
  • To those I missed or helped unnoticed: Thank you. Your help is always appreciated.


Is six days enough to recover? Cross on the Rock #3 in Port Alberni is this Sunday, October 20th – hold onto your chamois!!

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