by Robert Murray / photographs by Glenn Ivens – ISN

October 20, 2013, Langford B.C. (ISN) – The United States concluded their 2013 Americas Rugby Championship with an 20-8 victory over the Uruguay on Saturday at Westhills Stadium in Langford, B.C.

The win came on the strength of three second half tries that by the Americans.

 MG 7641

USA’s Chris Chapman breaks up field looking to aviod the tackle of Uruguay’s Joaquin Prada during final round of the IRB Americas Rugby Championship on Saturday. (photo by Glenn Ivens – ISN)

 MG 7738

Pablo Bueno of Uruguay gets in the way of a clearing kick by the USA during Saturday’s IRB Americas Rugby Championship being held at Westhills Stadium in Langford, BC. (photo by Glenn Ivens – ISN)

The first half featured some great back and forth action with both sides taking turns attacking each other. The only scoring of the first half came from the feet of Joaquín Prada and Joe Cowley who both made successful penalty kicks for their respective sides.

The United States Selects took over in the second half as the team scored three quick tries in succession to put the game out of reach.


Daniel Barrett has his eyes on the goal line as he breaks a tackle on his way to scoring a try for USA Selects during their 20-8 victory over Uruguay. (photo by Glenn Ivens – ISN)

 MG 7548

USA scrumhalf Shaun Davies moves the ball from the ruck in Saturday’s IRB Americas Rugby Championship game with Uruguay. (photo by Glenn Ivens – ISN)

Chris Chapman started things off in the 45th minute as Nick Wallace broke through the Uruguay line before handing it off to Chapman.

Daniel Barrett and Toby L’Estrange scored within a span of ten minutes to put the United States up by a score of 20-3 after Cowley added a conversion on L’Estrange’s try.

Uruguay made a strong comeback in the final ten minutes of the game putting pressure on the Americans and finally scoring their only try of the game.

 MG 7529

A strong USA defence limited Uruguay to just one try during Saturday afternoon match at the IRB Americas Rugby Championship. (photo by Glenn Ivens – ISN)

With Uruguay buzzing around the try zone, an extra effort by Francisco Jimenez while on the ground gave Uruguay their only try of the game.

Uruguay almost mounted a comeback as Barrett was given a yellow card and sent off for the game after Jimenez’s try.

 MG 7667

Toby L’Estrange had a strong game for the USA Selects scoring a try and using his boot to get his team out of trouble on numerous occasions. (photo by Glenn Ivens – ISN)

Down to 14 men, the United States Selects held their own for the rest of the game, giving up ground on the field to Uruguay but nothing on the scoreboard.

The game also served as a precursor for the World Cup qualifying matches in April between the two nations in what is sure to be as hotly contested as Saturday’s match.

With the victory, the United States finished the tournament at 2-1 with eight points. Uruguay finished the tournament at 0-3 and one point for their tournament.

United States 20

Tries: Chapman, Barrett, L’Estrange

Conversion: Cowley

Penalty: Cowley

Uruguay 8

Tries: Jimenez


Penalty: Prada

Uruguay roster for United States:

  • Rodolfo De Mula
  • Arturo Avalo
  • Juan Pedro Rombys
  • Alejandro Nieto
  • Santiago Vilaseca
  • Juan De Freitas
  • Fernando Bascou
  • Diego Magno
  • Alejo Duran
  • Rodrigo Silva
  • Santiago Martinez
  • Andrés Vilaseca
  • Joaquín Prada
  • Pablo Bueno
  • Gastón Mieres

Eagles Select XV roster for Uruguay:?

  • 1. Nick Wallace
  • 2. Phillip Thiel
  • 3. Chris Sullivan
  • 4. Tai Tuisamoa
  • 5. John Cullen
  • 6. Daniel Barrett
  • 7. Derek Asbun
  • 8. Cameron Dolan
  • 9. Shaun Davies
  • 10. Toby L’Estrange (C)
  • 11. Joe Cowley
  • 12. Adam Siddal
  • 13. Chris Chapman
  • 14. Tim Maupin
  • 15. Maximo de Achaval

Eagles Select XV Reserves

  • 16. Cameron Falcon
  • 17. Titi Lamositele
  • 18. Shawn Pittman
  • 19. Graham Harriman
  • 20. Trevor Cassidy
  • 21. Will Haydock
  • 22. Chris Saint
  • 23. Mile Pulu