Rugby community supports injured Kelowna player

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Graham Brown, CEO of Rugby Canada, Jim Dixon, CEO of BC Rugby

October 27, 2013 (ISN) – The entire Canadian Rugby Community and, in particular, the B.C. rugby community was deeply saddened by the recent injury suffered by Judah Campbell during a rugby game playing for his Kelowna Crows Rugby Football Club.

You can’t play rugby in Canada unless you are insured. Players must register through Rugby Canada’s national registration program, which includes a comprehensive insurance program that exists to protect players, officials and coaches who participate in practices and games. Every registered player — whether a junior or senior player — pays for this mandatory insurance through their player fees and benefits from the various forms of coverage it provides, including the extremely rare situations that require catastrophic insurance coverage.

Rugby Canada and the BC Rugby Union are here to support Judah’s family, friends as well as his rugby family to ensure he is cared for as he recovers from the serious neck injury he sustained on Oct. 5. We have been in close contact with Judah and the Campbell family since the injury occurred. We are all encouraged by the strength, resilience and important progress Judah has shown through the treatment and care of medical professionals and his family.

The rugby community is a tight-knit family and this is especially true in British Columbia, where rugby is highly popular from minor to senior club level as well as with school programs of all ages. In the rare instance of a serious injury to one of our own we are fortunate to benefit from the collective strength and support offered by this community and the safety and insurance mechanisms that protect us all.

In the unlikely and unfortunate event of a catastrophic injury requiring extensive care, Rugby Canada’s insurance policies include rehabilitation benefits, home alternation and vehicle modification benefit, and in-hospital confinement monthly income benefits. All of these benefits could be of assistance to Judah should his future prognosis and needs require. Catastrophic coverage for a senior member can provide up to $250,000 as part of a claim payment. All of this information is publicly available on the insurance section of the Rugby Canada website.

There is no doubt that the insurance policies in place for every registered rugby player in Canada will respond to a covered loss. We all hope and pray that Judah will make a full recovery. At this point, his long-term prognosis is still unknown so we don’t know what support he may need. As is normal with any insurance, providers need to know the full prognosis before benefits are determined. The BC Rugby Union is working with Rugby Canada to obtain all necessary information for the insurer related to this event and will continue to work diligently to ensure that any claims and payments are expedited.

In rugby, as in any sport, the top priority is to care for and protect the health of all participants. As a National Sports Organization, Rugby Canada works closely with the International Rugby Board (IRB) and safety guidelines are comprehensive and managed by medical professionals.

In working with the IRB, Rugby Canada takes injury prevention and management very seriously, including the Rugby Ready safety course. Rugby Ready is intended to raise awareness of good practice and to help stakeholders manage the risks of sport by putting appropriate safeguards in place. Rugby Canada adheres to its governing body, the IRB, for risk management, injury protocol and player welfare of all players.

Rugby players in Canada benefit from comprehensive insurance and the rugby community is also there to assist with immediate needs of our members. As a community we have come together to show Judah and his family that we support him in his time of need. To that end, Rugby Canada has partnered with the local and national rugby community to co-ordinate a fundraising initiative to help the family deal with any immediate needs. To date more than $32,000 has been raised and the support continues.

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Rugby Canada, the BC Rugby union and the Canadian rugby family will continue all efforts to support Judah and his family in any way possible.