Provincial Cyclocross Championships

cross on the rock

November 7, 2013, Nanaimo (ISN) – If you are a regular COTR racer but only have a citizen license (or even a day of race) and think it is a BIG expense to upgrade for one race (and possibly National Champs).

Think about this: first….the cost to travel to Vancouver for all other Provincial Champs. WAY-WAY more expensive. AND the chance to race all the guys from the mainland….priceless! The registration deadline is Friday at 7:00pm but please don’t keep us all nervous. Register today:

Some History: We started by putting on a big underground race in January of 2003. Then the first official cross races on the island in the fall of 2003 and fall of 2004. In 2005 we started the BC CX Cup hosting 2 races. 2005 was a dark time for cycling in BC and we broke from the BC Cup the following year but we hosted the National Champs in Nanaimo. Since that time. Since 2006 the Island has been on their own. Doing the Cross on the Rock Series. Growing Cyclocross. Building racers at all levels.

This weekend we make history again hosting the Provincial Cyclocross Championships for the first time on Vancouver Island.

We want to show B.C. and Canada that we have the best ‘cross scene in the country.

So please come out. Support the race by racing (sign up). Support the race by cheering for your fellow COTR racers (we are one team for Sunday). Help out if you can. Buy a wafel. Rake some corners and collect some flagging. Not only would it be sweet to beat last year’s provincial champs for participation (207). But it would be sweet to beat every province.

Please sign up (Deadline Friday 7:00)

If you can help out with Set up on Sunday or Tear Down. Please fire Corey from OBB-Nanaimo an e-mail at or even better….fire him a text at 250-714-5711


  • Draw Prizes at the Kona Kup. Because it is Provincial Champs we are more focused on the races rather than prizing for this one. Well…..we do have that one thing…..a full Kona Jake the Snake from OBB to draw for. Oh Yeah we have that other thing too….a Ridley Fenix frameset from OBB….and hotel rooms from the Howard Johnston. OK we have a couple of things.
  • YOUTH RACERS: We pushed Cycling BC HARD this year to get a FULL slate of youth Categories for this year’s Provincial Champs. We pushed them again to allow any bike and make the NEVER BEFORE exception to allow day-of-race licenses for Provincial Championships to encourage all riders under 19 to come out. PLEASE if you are a YOUTH cross rider. Support this race and show Cycling BC AND Canadian Cycling that is it worth it to include these categories at a Championship event. Right now….they (Canadian Cycling) don’t support it much….so we have to show them that it is worth it!
  • Women Masters racers. We pushed (again) to have more than 1 category for Women Masters racers at Provincial Champs……if you are a women masters racer….please show those guys that it is worth it to have more than one category for masters women.

F.A.Q. with regards to the Kona Kup. Provincial Champs.

1. Can I race without a license? Yes. If you are a youth you can race with a day of race license (which COTR is covering for this race so no additional cost).

If you are an adult you can race the OPEN race without a license. If you want to race the championship categories you can either: 1. Buy a UCI late season license : That will take them to CCN where they can purchase a late season for $99. This would allow you to race the championship category at Provincials Champs as well as National Champs in South Surrey at the end of the month. OR if you have a Citizen License already you can 2. Contact Cycling BC by e-mail or over the phone and pay the upgrade to a late season UCI license (like Sam Whittingham).

2. Will there be Wafels? YES there will.

3. Will there be Chili. Yes there will be. The Nanaimo MTB Club is hosting some Chili.

4. I am a beginner….what category should I race? You should probably do the OPEN race and have a great time. BUT you can also race your age group and give it a go!

5. Is the course marked. No it is not. And PLEASE do not ride all over where you think the course might go before Sunday. It is a wet week and we want to try to keep the course in as best shape as we can before the race. Because this is a public park we can not set the course up a head of time. It is also a very busy park so please be attentive to other users.

6. Who is the Provincial Champion? The first person in each of the Championship Categories that is from BC is the Champ.

7. Is the KONA KUP OPEN race the unofficial Single Speed Provincial Championships? Yes it is.

8. Is there a kids race? No. No kids race at this event as we have a LOT going on and want to be focused on the Kona Kup and making this a solid event. There is a kids race the day before at My Little Pony Cross.

9. Can I register on the day? No. Registration closes on Friday at 7:00pm.

10. Can I pick up my number early? Yes you can out at My Little Pony cross after 11:30.

• There are a few important differences from Provincials to regular COTR races:

  • We have increased the categories at Provincial Champs from 11 categories in 2012 to 17. Added are: U13, U15, U17 Mens and Womens. Masters Women 45+. Masters Men 55+. Modified are the masters age categories from 30-39 Mens and 30+ for womens to 35-44 and 45-54 Mens and 35-44 womens. IMPORTANT. For Provincial Champs and National Champs it is your age at the END of 2014. So your category may be different from what you race at COTR or what you have raced all year.
  • Youth at Provincial Champs. In co-operation with Cycling BC we are trying to maximize our youth participation at Provincial Champs. Normally you would need a UCI license to race Provincials but this year they are going to allow anyone with any license to race. Which means if you have a citizen, uci or day of race license you can do provincials if you are U19 years of age.
  • The Challenge/Open/All comers races at Provincial Champs are for those that are more beginner to the sport or don’t have a UCI license (adults) or don’t want to race it the championship events. So anyone can race on that day.
  • You can use a MTB in ALL categories EXCEPT Elite Men and Elite Women. MTB’s are NOT allowed at the National Champs at the end of November in South Surrey.

Need a hotel room for Saturday night? Check the race guide for contacts but a great deal can be found at the Howard Johnston in Nanaimo.

Do NOT fold or alter your race number for this event. They will have timing chips on them and if you mess with them…then no splits and really if you don’t have a time…you were not there!

(Numbers on the LEFT for Kona Kup)


We get bugged every year to have more DOUBLE HEADERS. So we have one again this year…..we hope it is worth it! (I am sure we will do full stats on it after the races).

My Little Pony Cross hosted by MIVA.

My Little Pony Cross 

Our first time using Arbutus Meadows for a cross race. MIVA has had the course marked all week and have received feedback and changed sections….more feedback…etc. It should be dialed for Saturday.

PLEASE NOTE: There is Soccer in the Main Barn until noon. So please park where designated and do not use the main barn for changing or washrooms until we are allowed to use it. There will be 200 kids plus parents on the grounds so heads up.

DRAW PRIZES: SHIMANO WHEELS!!!!!!!! Gotta be there!

Food: Food truck coming.

This race will be a great chance to blow out the legs. Get them ready for Sunday. Most importantly to get some points for the series!

You will also be able to pick your race number up for Sunday’s Kona Kup AFTER the main rush of registration is gone….lets say after 11:30am

NEW: We have 2 sets of 10S Rim Brake Shimano DURA ACE wheels that will be in the pits for NEUTRAL SUPPORT. I will have them marked so if you need them during the race you can just roll in. (unless they are gone). If you have disc brakes OR 11S…..just fire it in there and go brakeless and/or find a gear that might work to make it to the finish line. Thanks Shimano for those!!

NOTE: Kids race is at 12:30 as it was at Ladysmith.


We posted a photo of this year’s limited edition COTR shirts on our Face Book page yesterday. If you want us to hold one until this weekend fire me a note with your size (men’s and women’s) for Americal Apparel shirts.


We are a bit short on this and it would be great to get at least 20 more e-mails to Clayton before the weekend.

THIS IS WHERE CYCLOCROSS PR/Politics COMES INTO PLAY AGAIN: If you enjoyed the event, it would be fabulous if you sent a quick email off to Clayton Postings at Ladysmith Parks and Recreation at As before. Cc me on it and we will draw for a 6 pack of Phillips or Rumble. Must be done before My Little Pony Cross. So we will do a cut off of Friday at noon for the draw. Of course you can keep sending him notes after.


We would love to have 4 or 5 heavy blankets in our First Aid kit if anyone has any out there that they could donate please fire me a note and possibly bring to the races this weekend.

COTR #4: PHOTOS and Edits.

Pelle has been sick and busy since Ladysmith so no edit yet. He is coming up to Provincial Champs this weekend so HOPEFULLY we will have two for next week.

In the meantime I had a note from Ross Robinson that had some photos of the Cumberland race from this year and just let me know. Relive the magic: 

Don’t forget we have a photo contest annually for COTR. So save your best.

MORE $$$$$ for Juniors/Youth $$$$$$$ (Updated-again)

Past COTR Photo contest winner, Patrick Burnham, did a SWEET calendar last year of 12 of his COTR photos and sold them at the end of the season. He collected the $ for the calendars…..around $500. MEANWHILE down in Victoria Pro City Cycling and the Binab Property Group GP also had a donation from Vista Estates of $500. AND then Tyler Trace put in his prize money from last weekend….another $100. So we have $1100 for 11 X $100 Travel grants for U19 racers. Male or Female. Travelling to National Championships in Surrey at the end of November.

We thought that was ALL But then the Cross Club in Victoria coughed up another $1100 so we will be doing 11 X $200 Grants now!! Get on it JR Racers….get your application in.

So far (as of October 31, 2013) we have received 6 applications; James Grant, Mark Grant.Holly Simonson, Tarryn Cote, Sarah Van Dam, Talia Hill and Thomas Hill.

Our Criteria:

Must be from the Island, a surrounding Island or Powell River. (If not from an Island…they must be supporting COTR a lot!!)

Must be 18 or under

Someone who supports cross on the rock

Someone who is planning on attending Nationals, or would go if they had the help of the grant.

From there we will do a draw for the 11 grants from the submitted applications.

We will have forms at the races and since you have to support the series to apply…..that should work well. Submit back to people at registration please.


Pre-registration IS the way to go ALWAYS!

Provincial Championships registration is live: 

Links to the individual COTR races are here:

My Little Pony Cross – 

Ronde Van Hogwarts Series Championship – 


In Victoria:

Cross Underground….Done for the year. Thanks to everyone that came out to make this series legend-d-airy!

In Nanaimo:

M.I.V.A. keep your eyes on their site/FB page or find out their secret handshake if you want to get out with these guys in Nanaimo.

Sometimes you can show up, wait inside where it is warm and they roll up and out without you….as Bill McMillan.

In Courtenay:

Trail Bicycles in Courtenay, meet at 5:30 every Wednesday for 1-2 hours of riding.

Series is Organized by the Cross Council:

With the following cycling clubs: MIVA, VICC, Trail Bicycles-Eatmore Sprouts Cycling Team, Cowichan Cycling Cartel, ASS and AVR

Supported by:

  • Oak Bay Bikes in Victoria, Westshore and Nanaimo
  • Trail Bikes in Courtenay
  • Experience cycles in Duncan
  • Cowichan Cycles in Duncan
  • Cycle Therapy in Duncan
  • Frontrunners in Nanaimo
  • Straight Up Cycles in Victoria
  • Dodge City Cycles in Cumberland
  • Ozzie’s Cycles in Port Alberni

Supported and Sanctioned by:

  • Cycling BC