IPC to begin counting down Top 50 Moments of 2013

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November 11, 2013 (ISN) – The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) will reveal the Top 50 Moments of 2013 starting on Tuesday (12 November), publishing one moment for each of the next 50 days through 31 December.

For the remaining days of the year, each moment will be recognised with an exclusive look-back feature on the IPC website, in addition to photos, videos and promotion of these moments on the IPC’s social media outlets.

The Top 50 Moments are ranked according to the overall impact they had on the Paralympic Movement in 2013, meaning the campaign will culminate with the biggest moment of the year on 31 December.

This is the second year the IPC are unrolling the campaign, with all of the moments chosen based on sports performance, emotional impact, media attention and athletes’ personal stories.

Fans can follow all of the moments as they are revealed at http://bit.ly/IPCTop50.

In what turned out to be a jam-packed year, 10 different para-sports had World Championships, while several other sports hosted numerous regional Championships and several other major international events.

The largest sporting events of 2013 included February’s IPC Alpine Skiing World Championships, July’s IPC Athletics World Championships and August’s IPC Swimming World Championships and UCI Para-Cycling Road World Championships.

It was a major year for winter sport, as athletes and teams worked to qualify for the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games, as well as for track and field athletes, who had the chance to participate in the inaugural IPC Athletics Grand Prix series.

In addition, a number of developments took place off the field in areas such as classification, anti-doping, media and marketing, sport development through the Agitos

Foundation and contracts for future events.