A little team work brings fair play to the West Shore


Kathryn Mullis, Communications

November 18, 2013, VICTORIA BC (ISN) – West Shore Parks & Recreation have partnered with the Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey Association and the Juan de Fuca Minor Lacrosse Association to implement a Spectator Code of Conduct at West Shore Parks & Recreation Arenas.

With a contribution from both Minor Hockey and Minor Lacrosse, West Shore Parks & Recreation, who own and operate Bear Mountain and Juan de Fuca Arenas, have developed a “Spectator Code of Conduct” and created signage to be placed in both arenas.

WSPR Code_of_Conduct

The message is simple Respect the Opponent, Respect the Referee, Respect the Game. The new Code of Conduct requires that spectators and parents have a commitment to NOT engage in disrespectful behavior with players, coaches, officials or each other while attending events on West Shore Parks & Recreation property.”Kids just want to play. They want to compete. They want to have fun. They do not need any added stress from parents yelling at them, the refs or the other team. They are under enough pressure that they do not need us adding to it. We should be thankful that they are out there doing their best!” Says Fred Jenner, Juan de Fuca Minor Lacrosse. 

“Our hope is that the signage will remind those watching in the stands and parents that, first and foremost, we are here to be active, have fun and enjoy sport” says Harold Bloomenthal of Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey

The concept and wording for the new signage stems from Hockey Canada’s ‘Fair Play Code’ which includes a list of expectations for Players, Parents, Spectators, Coaches, Officials, and League Organizers. The Spectator Code of Conduct is just one step toward making West Shore Community Sport a safe and welcoming place for kids and adults to compete.

“It is our expectation that sports teams who operate out of our arenas abide by the rules and regulations of West Shore Parks & Recreation facilities and this includes spectators. We would love to see more signs developed to work specifically with Players and Coaches and even perhaps similar partnerships with some of our field users” says West Shore Parks & Recreation’s Arena and Court Sports Programmer, Kyle Laberge.